1. P

    For sale: 75-81 RH upper sail panel - new

    New, uninstalled sail panel in Baxter MN. $50 plus actual shipping cost.
  2. PrecisionCustoms

    Best universal fitted seat covers for 1981 size Z28 front seats?

    Hi everyone, thank you in advance. I appreciate you all. I've had my 1981 Z28 since I was 16yrs old when I was making Eagle Scout and now i'm 42 and a 3 time stage-4 cancer survivor. Was able to keep my car alive and garaged while also keeping myself alive and we both made it through with just...
  3. N

    Restoring interior trims

    So I just picked up a 79 Camaro. I got alot of parts with the car. I got most, if not all the interior pieces. I've been checking websites and I found one way to restore it. But it was showing interior that hasn't been sitting since 99 outside in the weather. I personally don't want to go out...
  4. DamoclesPMC

    1981 Camaro parts for

    Hi everyone- new here (not to cars, just to camaros lol). I have an 81 project Im doing up into a street racer. So...lots being removed. Open to offers close in price and/or trades of the performance kind. Presently: Drivers/passengers doors, compete with glass and all hardware, no rot, good...
  5. X

    Seat Recliner Bolt Snapped

    Hi everyone, As I was driving my Camaro last night, my seat back suddenly collapsed back. Today I discovered that the bolt/peg that the hook clips onto snapped. The car still has the stock seats in it. What is this part actually called so I can buy a replacement? Thanks for the help!
  6. Frank's-78-Z28

    Leather seat covers

    Does anyone know where I can buy leather seat covers for my 78? Wanting basically same as stock, but leather material.
  7. cjanes81camaro

    81 camaro seats

    Good Day! I am hoping that someone could help me with my seats. I want to re-install my front seats and I am having trouble with the back rests. I removed them a few years ago, and I am not sure what I need. Some kind of lock washer? I probably still have them and put them away in a spot that I...
  8. Mark Wright

    Seat Belt Guide Question

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get the correct screws for attaching each of the escutcheons to the seats in my '79 Camaro Berlinetta? I also need the correct screw for the triangle belt guides to attach to each of the escutcheons.
  9. tbarr396

    second generation seats for sale

    I have a set of seats that came out of a 70 camaro that I bought a parts car. the seats appear to be out of a 1973. they were recovered at some point in time and covers are in good shape as you can see from the pictures. the foam in the front bucket seats are distorted a little from being...
  10. F

    Floor Pan Dilemma

    So I've got a 79 Camaro, it's my daily driver and at the moment my only vehicle. The plan was to build a street/strip project while I daily it, eventually being a race only vehicle for me. When I bought the vehicle I was told (and it appeared) to be very solid and rust free. Long story short I...
  11. M

    1970 steering wheel... wtb.

    I am looking for a 1970 Camaro steering wheel if anyone has one they would sell. I think the number is 3752075-1 and the horn sheous nuber is 3982319. Thanks in advance.
  12. Drag U

    5th Gen Seats in 2nd Gen

    Ok ladies and gentlemen, I just installed these seats today. Extremely tight fit against the cage. Question is I would like to run power to both seats so I can make adjustments while driving. My fuseblock deoesnt have any openings. Maybe run power to the battery in the trunk? Do I need relays?
  13. H

    Replacement Carpet Recommendation

    First post, I am in the process of converting a '73 Sport Coupe from automatic to 4-speed, I have nearly everything to make the swap (Shifter Tunnel Hump, pedals, bell housing, etc), but have not bought a carpet kit, is one vendor better than another, does anyone offer the vinyl hump cover...
  14. 79_maro

    1979 Camaro Subwoofer Question

    What’s up guys, So I have good speakers in my 79 maro, but for some reason, I can’t have the bass very high because it makes a sort of rattling sound. I believe that it’s the metal casing that the speakers are in (right below the rear windshield), and was just wondering if anyone knew a fix to...
  15. C

    1970 Black Standard Vinyl Driver's Seat Cover WTB

    Looking for an original black drivers side seat back cover. Will buy full seat upholstery; don't need the complete seat. Please send pics and price information. Thanks in advance.
  16. B

    Removing dye/paint from all interior pieces

    Recently picked up a '78 that was originally a tan-on-tan base model, however over the years one of its past owners decided to dye and paint the entire interior and exterior black. I like the outside just fine but I want a tan interior, it keeps things a little 'sunny' during these gloomy...
  17. 80CamaroMod

    WTB 70-77 Upper Door Panel (interior)

    Im looking to buy a set of cheap upper door panels (<$75) that I can use to create custom interior door panels. They can be used as long as they are solid. I have seen another member on here (hoppin5478) do this and seems like a more reasonable way for me to obtain an interior while saving...
  18. Autorestomod

    1970 rear window interior trim between glass and package tray?

    We just got a 1970 Z28 clone/tribute car in and we're doing our walk-around and noticed that there is no trim panel under the glass between the glass and the package tray on this car. It has the sail panels, but no trim in between the sails. I've never done a post 1969 Camaro or Firebird and NPD...
  19. 1

    Carmine interior?

    I drive a 1979 and I'm looking to replace my front seat covers. I've had trouble in the past matching the carmine and some places only offer the 'Dark Carmine'. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this in the past and could give me a good recommendation so that I'm sure to buy...
  20. giggity

    1970 seat restoration help

    I'm considering restoring my 1970 seats myself. Anyone done this, have pictures, links to threads, etc. I've searched a few times and not really found what I'm looking for. I dont think I'm going to use the rear seat, no one can sit back there anyways. So i'm thinking of just carpeting the...