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  1. Scamp1978

    LS Swap power steering issues

    Been having trouble on a project and hoping someone else has encountered this and maybe even others could use some help. Several years ago I swapped a Lm7 5.3 into my 78 Z28, when I did this I was 17 and did everything as cheaply as possible and without much thought. While I'm in a better spot...
  2. 1

    1978 Camaro Drag Car Roller Street/ Strip $8,500

    LOCATED IN INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA CLEAN TITLE in my name 1978 Chevy Camaro ROLLER with PROFESSIONALLY installed CHROMOLY 10 Point 8.50 Cage with swing out . Dana 60 Rear end with 4.10 gears. Factory z28 Wheels. Have all interior except front seats. Windows roll up & down. Very solid, clean car...
  3. Ordrock

    Is it a 1972 or a 1973

    When I returned home from a 13 month tour to Iwakuni Japan in 1981 with two kids and my wife, we bought a 1973 Camaro. That was the date the car was sold new. However the car has all the makings of a 1972 Camaro. I say that because nowhere on the Car does it show it's a LT. The badge on the...
  4. S

    1971 Camaro Z28 LS Swap

    Hello, I am thinking of doing a LS swap on a 1971 Camaro Z28 and I was wondering how I should tackle the accessory drive, Will I use the stock Power steering pump and/or A/C unit or will I need to use modern stuff, or would it be better just to paint and rebuild and bore the old 350 for...
  5. Hulk_smash

    ls swap (central fl)

    I was currently building a small block chevy and I had some problem so im going to just sell the parts and build an ls does anyone know where I can find an ls swap with a ls1 or a 6.0 to drop in it or
  6. J

    4th Gen Radiator in 2nd Gen LS Swap

    I have been researching through a couple sites and have read mixed reviews about putting a 4th gen camaro radiator and fan assembly in a second gen. What all is needed for this swap? Also where does the steam line go to on the 4th gen rad?
  7. J

    Clutch Master Cylinder T56

    Hi all! I have been reading through countless forums in regards to what master cylinder to use with my 1970 camaro. I am installing an LS1/T56 setup. I have seen numerous complaints and compliments about many setups. I was hoping to use this forum for people to list what hydraulic MC they are...
  8. B

    Drive train options - L94/L99 + 6spd or 383 + 700r4

    I'm trying to hone in on my drive train for my 2nd gen Camaro. I have a 383 stroker on the engine stand right now and a 700r4 core that needs a rebuild. I am bouncing between keeping the 383 and trying to rebuild the 700r4 myself with a monster transmission rebuild kit or a b&m trans kit. OR...
  9. Brett Gordon

    l83 LS swap in 81 Camaro?

    Im looking to ls swap my 1981 z28 Camaro and the l83 5.3l is the most inexpensive one I can find,comes with everything directly pulled from the previous vehicle. My question is if this is possible or will it even fit. the only info I can find on these swaps are into other trucks. any info is...
  10. C

    LS and Trans discussion

    I have to start of by saying I am a 24 year old non-engine/drivetrain savy individual, but I'm am trading mechanic labor from a GM Mechanic of 25 years for labor pouring concrete for a garage lift and a driveway. That will be later this summer, but with swap meet season happening and what not id...
  11. R

    1973 Camaro LS1/T56 Swap!

    Hi Gang, long time lurker here. Thought I'd create a thread for the project that I officially kicked off last night: Quick History: I bought this car from my aunt in 2014. She ordered the car in the fall of 1972, and picked it up in the spring if 1973. The car isn't anything special on the...
  12. B

    To LS swap or not...

    To quote that sage, Kelly Bundy, "I'm on the Horns of an Enema." The more I research the options available to improving the performance of my '77 small block (within the confines of our beloved Californian smog rules), the more I think I'd be miles ahead to buy a complete, gently used LS and...
  13. T

    Fast EZ-EFI 2.0 Engine Control Kit - New in Box

    This kit was purchased and never used. I planned to do an LS Swap. Completely Brand New and still in sealed package. Prices includes shipping and insurance to continental US. PM, email, or text for more info. 33 Feedback Rating on LS1Tech 1452 eBay Feedback Rating Brandon 630-209-1860...
  14. mrfleet12

    Gas tank from my 73, LS 2 wire harness and other items

    Selling the gas tank out of my 73, it was recently installed before I bought the car and the car came from AZ so it hasn't seen any harsh weather. Comes with sending unit installed which worked perfectly prior to removing.. I went to a Tanks Inc injected tank setup. Would like to get $75 plus...
  15. Impact-mk

    Has anyone ever, Stuffed Gen 4 parts into a Gen 2?

    Hi there, i have a 1974 FireBird, and i also have a 1996 FireBird, My 74 is in really nice shape for the year and where i live, but it is a little lack luster, being a 74 and all. So i went out and i bought an LQ9, 4L80E, and a 14 bolt, with the plans of jamming it lovingly into my Bird. Now my...
  16. R

    1973 Camaro - LS Swap

    Hey guys, I've finally decided to start my project! I'm going to use this thread to track my progress (and probably ask a TON of questions!). The car: I bought this car about three years ago from my aunt, who bought it new in the Spring of 1973. It's a base model (SC) that came with a 2-barrel...
  17. A

    LS3 T6060 Swap Manual Mount and Modifications

    Hey guys im looking to do an LS3 swap in my 71 Camaro. Now being that im new to the whole restoration thing im not a car guru like most other people on here. With that being said the more information you guys are table to help me the better. I was wondering if there are any kits or mounts that...
  18. Impact-mk

    Ls,(LM7) to my 79Z 4 speed,(Borg Warner T-10)

    I know that i will have to change a few parts, but im not quite ready to try and convert to a 6 speed due to the hydraulic, so does anyone have any knowledge on how, what parts i will need to change, and any brand recommendations, or do's and do not's ?, also the question of weather it would be...

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