1. A

    Year 2022, LS3 E-rod swap, latest tips and suggestions

    The year: 2022. The motor: LS3 E-rod, Plan: swap into a 2nd Gen Firebird / Camaro (81 Trans Am in my case) I expect replies to say this has been discussed before with links to threads. I want an update on what everyone suggests on such a swap for 2022+. If 2018 info is still relevant and...
  2. Fume

    1973 Camaro Twin Turbo LS3 with a T56 Magnum

    Hello all! Time to start a new project.... :D My current car is a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with a SBC 350 pushing 310 HP and about 320 lbs/ft paired with a M21 Close ratio muncie. The project would be a restomod. Its going to have a LS3 with about 8.0-8.5 CR and twin turbos pushing around 8psi...
  3. Icepick23

    Project 72

    I have a 1972 Camaro that is currently under construction. I've had this car since the mid 80's. And I'm getting pretty serious about it now. Check it out
  4. benh250

    73 camaro bulkhead wiring ls3 help

  5. T

    Chevrolet Performance LS376/480 Engine Controller Kit

    Chevrolet Performance LS376/480 Engine Controller Kit Part Number 19354330 Up for sell is this Chevrolet Performance LS376/480 Engine Controller Kit. I bought this kit for my 1971 Camaro RS Project. Originally planned a LS3 swap, but I decided on a LSA supercharger build instead. I have a...
  6. Burak Unal

    Getting It Right - 1967 Camaro

    Hey guys, Here is my friend's 67 that I filmed, hope you'll like it. I'd really appreciate if you could subscribe to the channel. Cheers, Burak
  7. A

    Need help with TR6060 in 71

    Hey guys, So I recently purchased a pullout LS3 with a tr6060 manual trans from a 2010 Camaro that I have been trying to collect all the parts for before I start the process of attempting to install it. Now I purchased my motor mounts along with the transmission mounts from BRP hotrods...
  8. Bikefixr

    1971-72 LS-3 COMPLETE air intake / preheat / air cleaner assembly

    I'm doing this ONE time. I have a COMPLETE setup. Exhaust Manifold shroud free of holes or serious rust. Chimney that fits into the shroud. The Hot-air flex-pipe (NOS), the correct Elbow with the valve-cover flat-spot that fits into the bottom of the air cleaner snorkel, proper Wittek clamp...
  9. A

    LS3 T6060 Swap Manual Mount and Modifications

    Hey guys im looking to do an LS3 swap in my 71 Camaro. Now being that im new to the whole restoration thing im not a car guru like most other people on here. With that being said the more information you guys are table to help me the better. I was wondering if there are any kits or mounts that...
  10. A

    Need help getting AC in my 71 Camaro

    Hey guys I need a little help, I have a 71 camaro i just recently started working on for the first time and have run into a little snag. I am going be putting in an LS3 engine and plan on buying a pull out with the complete engine and transmission including AC compressor. I been doing some...