1. Fume

    1973 Camaro Insulation

    Hello! :D I have a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with A/C. I was looking at rickscamaro for insulation. I am confused about what insulation I need. I want to do a overhaul and replace/add the insulation because the car has no insulation that I know of there isn't a firewall pad or grommets so it is...
  2. N

    1973 Z28 LT 4speed project roller

    Real 1973 Z28 4speed with luxury LT option. Car came out of Colorado where it got the rust and then on to Arizona where it baked in the sun for a lot of years. Bought it and put into barn. Car includes correct Z28 wheels in nice condition, used Cali quarters and frame rail assemblies, partial...
  3. E

    New Preject 76 LT

    So I am finally going to start restoring my Camaro. I've had it for about 15 years. I really want to be a project that my father and I will work on.. The car itself is pretty beat up. It needs new 1/4's and it has few dents and dings to the body. I am here because ive seen so many cool...
  4. Impact-mk


    im thinking of turning my 73 z into a more rally suitable car. nothing extreme, but i drive a lot of dirt back roads, and always wanted to try and rally race, figured i would kill two birds so to speak, but im not really sure what this will look like, does any body have any pictures of something...
  5. Impact-mk

    73, Z28, RS, LT, Tow package,

    hey guys, a few months ago i went to buy a pooty old 73 Camaro out of some gentleman's field. it is in rough shape and honestly i originally only bought it because buying this car and taking its windshield, was cheaper then buying a windshield, so i get this rust hog back to my pals shop, ad i...
  6. 1976 LT

    1976 LT

    383 Stroker 400+HP 4.11 gears Daily Driver
  7. Drg racr\'s 2nd gens

    Drg racr\'s 2nd gens

    This yellow 76 was my favorite, 350, 4-speed, posi, F-41, console delete. Nice daily driver. It was sold to a member in northern Michigan where I heard it placed at the Motorama.
  8. Type LT Front View

    Type LT Front View

    Newer Pic, but still about 10 years old
  9. 73 type LT

    73 type LT