1. C

    Restored Holley Date Code 1B2

    Hello all, I know I havent posted anything before but thought someone would be interested in a restored Holley. I bought it for a 72 Z28 4spd car and sold the car before receiving the carb. The restoration was completed by Chicago Corvette Supply out of Eugene OR. #'s on the tower are as...
  2. S

    70 Holley Carb 3972123 (Manual trans, CA Emissions)

    I'm looking for a 1970 LT1 Holley Carb, with part number 3972123 List 4489 stamped on the horn. This stamping was for a Manual Trans and CA emissions vehicle. Preferably one that has not been restored. If I find one, I will update this post. Thanks, LT1, LT-1 List-4489, List 4489, 3972123
  3. R

    1980 camaro lt1 engine swap motor mounts ?

    hello there hopefully i can get some help from you guys here i am new to the muscle car scene, i have a 1980 camaro i also have a gen 2 lt1 with a 4l60e ( i know trans is not the best ) from a 99 ss camaro looking to see what motor mounts guys have used to put this combo in i would like to...
  4. J

    71 Z28 parts

    71 Z28 parts, Sold car, guy didn't want the parts, Lt1 594 dual plane intake with aluminum thermostat housing $285, New vaccum canister with mount and evac lines $100, NOS Bumper guards with mounting hardware and template $135, INTAKE SOLD
  5. J


    71 Z28 4 speed Distributor, These don't come around everyday! #1112049 Date code 0F29 This is for the 71 Lt1 350 330hp with a 4 speed. Don't know what it all needs came with my Z28 when I bought it! Sold my car! Priced to sell 675 dollars
  6. B

    LT1 + 8L90 swap

    Anyone running the 8L90 out of a Camaro in their second gen? I have been looking around for transmission crossmembers that will support the 8L90 and it seems like BRP Hot Rods (Muscle Rods) is the only one that sells a transmission crossmember with a bracket to run the 8L90. Hooker/Holley...
  7. D

    1970 Camaro Factory GM Aluminum Intake

    GM #3972110 with "snowflake". The intake looks very good with no visible cracks, damaged threads or bolt holes. In front of thermostat housing someone put a plug in. It could have been for an old style oil fill/breather. It was like that when I purchased it. I planned to assemble a 350 LT1...
  8. Squarebodmafia

    Estimated ET time??

    ok so I have a 94Z that I just bought for 800 put a used motor in (110k miles) I know it’s a good runner as it came out of my convertible 94Z. The previous owner had the A4 tranny built w/shift kit, The rear end built and a 3.73 gear. I will install a K/N CAI ($50 have), shorty headers ($100...
  9. D

    1970 Camaro LT1 Aluminum Intake GM 3972110

    GM #3972110 with "snowflake". The intake looks very good with no visible cracks, damaged threads or bolt holes. The front heater hose nipple area was plugged when purchased several years ago. I planned to assemble a 350 LT1 for a project but sold the car. $450 OBO
  10. Spungo

    Swapping vette lt1 into 4th gen z28

    I have a nice 1997 z28 body stripped of engine, manal transmission, ecu and wiring. I recently purchased a basket lt1 dropout from 96 auto equipped vette with ecu and wiring. My goal is to install the lt1 with a 4l60e into my z28. I realize now that the harness and accessories will not swap...
  11. earl's 88 iroc z28

    budget build

    Is it posable to put a lt1 cam in a 1988 tpi 305 ..if the valve springs are changed to saport the lift if so what ecm chip can be used to mix fuel an aire to run right ..(maybe a ecm from a 350 car around same year as mine ) thoughts an ideas please ..
  12. earl's 88 iroc z28

    help with mod,s

    I have a 1988 irocz28 5.0 tpi an a 700r4 trans .130,000 miles set 14 years in a garage ..runs great..I'm looking to upgrade a Lil ..looking for thoughts on the mods I'm thinking of ..or any one that has done something close to this ...I'm looking to put.. lt1 cam in it + springs to hold up the...
  13. First judged show

    First judged show

  14. Back/side  view

    Back/side view

  15. LT1 MOTOR


    My Sweeet Motor!
  16. My RS Z/28

    My RS Z/28

    JUSTIN's 1970 RS Z/28 Me and my Dad built this baby! Only took a few yrs. but I am 16 now and I can finally drive it!
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