1. Fume

    Transmission M21 Close Ratio 1st Gear Whine 1973 Z28 RS LT

    Here we go again, Background Info:- After years of the transmission working, it decided to get stuck in gear about a month ago. The car is stuck in 4th but the gear shifter seems to be in neutral but cant wiggle it, it can be put into reverse but only the gear shifter not the actual gears...
  2. Spanky McWeasel

    By way of an introduction... My 71

    Hey there folks! Did this kind of bass-ackwards as I already posted in another sub-forum and got some excellent advice from the font-of-all-knowledge, but some prompting there made me think I ought to do this properly :) Firstly, I'm a Brit, but no longer living in the UK. Don't hate me! :D...
  3. Spanky McWeasel

    "A newbie writes..."

    Greetings, font of all knowledge. This is possibly one of the most difficult posts I've ever had to write online, and I've been an IT techie for over 35 years. I'm from the UK originally, although these days live in the sunny Mediterranean. I had a very sick (in the literal, dictionary sense)...
  4. TruckDoc

    WTB-4spd manual trans

    Looking to upgrade the 4spd in my project car. Currently saginaw looking for something a little stronger to put behind the BB I swapped in. Car is 77 LT/RS Thanks. Curt
  5. Fume

    1973 Camaro M21 Countershaft Size

    Hey Everyone! I am currently overhauling my M21 transmission, was looking for a rebuild kit. There are 2 counter shaft sizes. There is a 1" and a 7/8". What is the countershaft size for the transmission? o_O Transmission for a 1973 Z28 NO A/C So its a close ratio M21
  6. BumbleBee70SS

    New and Could Use Some Help...

    Hi everyone! Me and my family have a 70 SS we have owned since new, I restored it back in 09 and I'm still continuing to fix small things around the car. Thought it was finally time I joined a Camaro forum and NastyZ28 came to mind immediately. Really look forward to working with the community...
  7. Blk+Orange79Z28

    Project #2 - Boy Blue 1980 Z28 with T-tops + 4 Speed

    Bought this last may, was busy with school couldn't make a project progress page. Will be doing some write ups now of what i've done so far. Hope you all enjoy!
  8. jakethesnake

    Super t10 ITM to Hurst swap

    I have a 1973 camaro that I recently converted from auto th350 to st10 4 speed. The transmission came with an ITM shifter. I believe it is from a 1977 f body. I want to change the shifter to a hurst. Will I be able to use the shift rods and mounting bracket from the ITM shifter, or will I...
  9. B

    Trans install question.

    I’ve got a 4 spd Muncie and shifter from a 69 vette.......when I bolt this up to the bell housing in 79 second gen, the shifter looks like it sits too far to the right side of the hole in the tunnel and I can’t even run it through the shift pattern. The shifter hits the side of the tunnel...
  10. '71StreetZ

    Muncie Whirring noise in neutral

    Hello all, Recently swapped out my old saggy and put my rebuilt M21 Muncie in my car all went well but it makes a rock crusher type noise and even does it while in neutral. I’ve replaced the throwout bearing and have had the trans in and out a few times now the only thing that keeps it from...
  11. U

    Muncie 4 Speed with Hurst Shifter

    Selling the Muncie 4 Speed out of my Camaro. Dates to 1967 and has 10 and 27 spline shafts. Transmission always shifted great and never gave me any issues. Has Hurst Shifter kit installed and is included. I will also include the bell housing and clutch components which are all in very good...
  12. AZsplit

    Muncie 4 speed question

    Hey guys got a couple questions about my 4 speed. 1970 camaro 350 / 4 speed This is the 1st 4 speed I have ever driven, but I've driven newer cars with manual trans with no issues. My buddy replaced the clutch on it and the car drives fine at all speeds except engaging into 1st gear. The...
  13. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter

    Reposting a transmission forum question here since it's resto related. Have a 72 SS396 with Muncie, trying to identify correct shift lever for the GM over-the-counter Hurst shifter, I've seen one with Hurst letters above the bend area and one with letters in the bend area as imaged below...
  14. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter question

    Working on 72 SS 396 with Muncie. Looking at GMPD-Hurst round lever shifters (no 3rd & 4th gear stop bolts). I'm finding examples with Hurst letters stamped above the bend area and some with letters in the bend area. Does anybody know which is correct?
  15. Impact-mk

    Ls,(LM7) to my 79Z 4 speed,(Borg Warner T-10)

    I know that i will have to change a few parts, but im not quite ready to try and convert to a 6 speed due to the hydraulic, so does anyone have any knowledge on how, what parts i will need to change, and any brand recommendations, or do's and do not's ?, also the question of weather it would be...
  16. 7

    M20 muncie with clutch, flywheel and bellhousing

    Switching to a tko and looking to get rid of this 4 speed. Looking to sell everything for $800. Also as a note the flywheel is missing one tooth on it but i never knew until i removed it from. It comes with hurst speed shifter and linkage. No handle though sorry the car.

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