1. 78BBODY

    Excessive oil deposits on #1 spark plug.

    Hey all, new here. Seem to find a lot of helpful tips here so why not join and ask about my own issue I recently bought a car with a Chevy 350, and noticed when doing a tune up, number 1 spark plug had excessive amounts of what I assume is oil buildup. I changed all plugs for assurance, but...
  2. Ripley716

    Lucas hot Rod Oil 10W-40

    Hey there - new owner of a 70 Z28. My father in law highly recommended Lucas Oil 10w-40 hot Rod oil for our first oil change. We did so - added 5 qts. Will probably need a top off - is it ok to add any old 10w-40 or should it be more of the same. Not looking for a debate on if this was a good...
  3. Konner

    383 Stroker Oil Viscosity Recommendations?

    Hi there, I just purchased a 79 Camaro with a Blueprint 383 stroker. After scouring the forums I came across mixed reviews for the recommended oil viscosity. I live in Arizona where the summers are blistering hot. I just did an oil change using 10w-30 VR1, but I noticed that at idle (700ish...
  4. COPO

    Interesting outside temperature window for - 5w30 vs 10w30

    I thought that the 30 would have been the same. Link
  5. P

    383 stroker

    Finally after 3 years in the shop finally got my car back. My question is what type of oil is best and correct way to break in motor. Motor started as original 5.7, previous owner bored out to 383 stoker. Had to have motor rebuilt by race motor buider. He was able to save block and bore out...
  6. D

    Rebuilt 350 Oil Choice

    Hi, I know this is gonna be a newbie question, but the so called experts make me lose sight of the trees because of the forest. I got a rebuild 1st gen 350 which ran in with a 20w50 kendall gt1 oil and and extra addictive. ( recommended by the rebuilt company ) Now I am just wondering if an...
  7. thedog85

    Oil Suggestions and other fluids

    I have been researching different types of oil and transmission fluids. Which would you recommend? I have 2 vehicles, one is a 2015 Camaro and one is a Ford Explorer, I want to swap out the oil for something that is higher quality or better than whatever the dealership has been using (some no...
  8. 78TypeLTCamaro

    Testing 70 Year Old Motor Oil

    Pretty interesting: https://www.wimp.com/testing-70-year-old-motor-oil/
  9. '71StreetZ

    Burning Oil at High RPM’s

    Hello all, I’ve come to you for some advice I plan on pulling the 327 out of my car over the winter/spring and freshening it up with some new gaskets and a camshaft but I’ve noticed that after a high rpm pull the engine will puff blueish/grey smoke for about 2-3 seconds. If I just cruise around...
  10. J

    Oil Pressure Problem

    Hey there, Just signed up, first time posting. Thanks in advance for the help! I have an '81 z28. It's got a 350, Super T10 4 Speed, and it's mostly stock. When I first purchased the car 5 years ago, my oil pressure on start up was 70-75 psi and 35-40 at warm idle. It never went below 30...

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