1. 7.62fmj

    454 Big Block Parts, NE FL

    Located in 32221, pickup or buyer pays shipping. Upload pics when I get a chance, until then here's the fb market listing 454 parts will sell separate or all for $800 obo. Was going to build a 496, but decided to go with a Dart block so...
  2. Fume

    Best Website to order parts?

    What are some of the best websites to order parts for my 73 Z28. I don’t want anything to get damaged nor get delayed cause I don’t live anywhere near the USA
  3. R

    79 camaro hood with extra parts

    I want 200 for all if you pay the shipping ill go ship them right now im located in hesperia california
  4. Brett Gordon

    Which one is best?

    im currently restoring a white 1981 z28 with a dark blue interior. I’m wanting to get mostly OER parts, but they’re expensive and I’m son a budget. Does anyone know of another company/ brand that has good restoration parts that I can trust to fit and look right?
  5. Primus

    Parts Catalogue 1970s

    Hey Guys, Im in Search for Old Catalogues, Flyers or anything that shows, that Performance Parts like whole exhausts, Headers, Wheels and Stuff like that could be bought back in the days. If you want to get a historic licenseplates in Germany and you dont want or cant use OG Parts, you have to...
  6. D

    1976 Chevy Camaro - (Aurora Colorado)

    SOLD ****1976 Camaro. This car was a project of swapping in a reconditioned 350 V-8, that was never completed. Still have a set of good tires for it. Car has an automatic transmission. It is in non-running condition, since the engine swap has not yet been completed. Needs to have the carb and...
  7. T

    Looking for 1978 Complete AC

    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread but finally have some time to work on restoring my 1978 camaro. I'm missing some parts due to previous owner taking off AC for some reason. Does anyone have an old AC they removed and don't want anymore? Thanks Tomas
  8. rally


    I got this 79 rally sport for extra parts...
  9. dash


    this is under the steering column, immediately under the ash tray (removed). there is a broken piece that connects to the gauge assembly. what is that part called?

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