1. M

    1979 Camaro z28 help

    I’ve owned a 1979 camaro z28 for close to 8 years now. Got the car when I was 15. It was a barn find with 22,000 original miles. 350 with a 4 speed. Came with all original paperwork, Jack, spare. All original from factory. Amazing shape. I put a lot of time into it when I was younger, stopped...
  2. Maxymilian

    Forced Induction Guidance

    I am looking to build a forced induction engine to put into my 1980 Z28 (haven't decided whether to go turbo or supercharger yet). I have done a decent bit of research, but am hoping to get some first hand knowledge from some of the experienced posters here. Any knowledge about how to build a...
  3. SecretFBIGuy

    How to build a fuel efficient 250-300HP 350?

    Howdy, im going to be modding my 80Z with a 350 small block for some more power while trying to make it more fuel efficient. can i get around 250-300HP with vortec heads, headers and an exhaust? the smog heads ruin the performance and fuel economy of old small blocks quite a bit right? How...
  4. SecretFBIGuy

    Electric Fans

    Howdy, are electric fans worth it? I don't really know anything about the subject except that i can get better gas mileage and increased hp and torque while keeping the engine cooler, are any of those things that i said right? is it something that I can do on my own or should i take it to my...
  5. SecretFBIGuy

    LM1 350 Bottleneck?

    Howdy fellas, I have a 1980 Z28 camaro that im going to be fixing up and it has the stock 350 in it, specs wise the power output is kinda bad for a 350, (190 horsepower and 280ft pounds torque? Yikes!) I was wondering what's the biggest bottleneck of performance in the engine? From what I heard...
  6. Squarebodmafia

    Estimated ET time??

    ok so I have a 94Z that I just bought for 800 put a used motor in (110k miles) I know it’s a good runner as it came out of my convertible 94Z. The previous owner had the A4 tranny built w/shift kit, The rear end built and a 3.73 gear. I will install a K/N CAI ($50 have), shorty headers ($100...
  7. 79z Guy

    Quadrajet Tuning For Performance

    Recently rebuilt the quadrajet on my stock 79 z28 (4 on the floor trans). Runs good and eliminated any bogging, but I want to get more performance out of it. Idle/fuel mixture screws were set to 5 turns out. I went to 9 and a half turns out by using a tachometer and looking for increased RPM...
  8. ChevyLVR

    Buyer Beware Jegs Stainless headers # 300150

    Good Morning Everyone. I am just getting up and recovering from a nightmarish yesterday so I thought I would share. First the backstory, sorry but trust me it's worth a read. I had purchased a set of new jegs headers new in the Box from someone on the group for my z28. They were sold to them...
  9. 7

    Quick easy performance

    what are the fastest, easiest, cheapest ways to gain power from my 350? I want it to have some more juice so I can rip around town a little harder
  10. G

    HELP !! Need NEW Leaf Springs

    I am starting to restore my 1970 Camaro (SS 396/375hp) and I need to find some replacement springs. They are suppose to be F41 coded (125lb/in) 5 leaf but mine have several leafs broken. All that I look at are either drop or are 95lb/in rated. The places I've called act like I'm crazy because...
  11. 79_maro

    Loudest/Best Muffler?

    So theres been a rattling in my muffler for a while now, and we've just decided to replace it as we'd have to take the muffler off to fix the problem anyways. Besides that, I'm having trouble deciding what muffler to go with. I have flowmasters on right now, and they sound pretty nice. I really...
  12. 79_maro

    Replacing '79 Camaro Engine (HELP)

    Ok, to start, I have a 1979 camaro. I'm not really sure the specific kind it is, except it's definitely not a z28. It's a 305 5.0L V8, with a 4 barrel carburetor. It's also an automatic. It has some aftermarket upgrades but majority of the car is stock, except for some visual and other things we...
  13. YOUNGIN71Z28

    1971 Camaro Build/Restoration-Starting young

    After by YOUNGIN71Z28 posted Dec 11, 2016 at 2:13 AMBefore by YOUNGIN71Z28 posted Dec 11, 2016 at 2:13 AMBig Block Chevy by YOUNGIN71Z28 posted Dec 11, 2016 at 2:13 AMHello all those of Nasty-Z28 my name is Anthony and I'm an owner of a 1971 Camaro that I restored throughout high school and will...

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