1. B

    Quadrajet Carb

    Hey everyone, I recently rebuilt the carb on my '79 Camaro and was looking for some help with tuning it. First off it has a hot air choke with a primary pull off, no secondary pull off. It also has the double D screws for the air mixture screws and was wondering if there are any common tools I...
  2. SadZ28

    1978 Z28 crazy backfires through carb

    So, just bought my first project car and the engine starts just fine and idles just fine. But once you start giving it some gas it backfires every several seconds or so through the carb. Also, if you tap the throttle gently, it tries to kill the engine. Both things are suspicious to say the...
  3. 79z Guy

    Quadrajet Tuning For Performance

    Recently rebuilt the quadrajet on my stock 79 z28 (4 on the floor trans). Runs good and eliminated any bogging, but I want to get more performance out of it. Idle/fuel mixture screws were set to 5 turns out. I went to 9 and a half turns out by using a tachometer and looking for increased RPM...
  4. RussWalker

    Correct carburetor for 1978 Z28

    I recently purchased a 1978 Z28 and I know it is in need of carburetor work. Being a purist, I want to make sure that I have the correct carb for the car. During my investigation, I discovered that the carb that is on it (17059222) has a November 8th 1978 date code but the car was born in...