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  1. N

    Changing differential, gear pattern issue

    Hello all, Been reading some info on rear end setup and I'm starting to spin in circles. I've had this pinion and carrier out probably 30 times. I am replacing all bearings in this, as well as the axles. This is my first attempt at this so be easy on me. Its an 8.5" 10 bolt with factory 3.73...
  2. T

    C Clip Eliminators Going Back

    I've inherited a GM 10 bolt with a 5.56:1 gear, a locker and C clip eliminators. For a 10, a pretty stout rear end, however I plan on changing the gears out to something more streetable like a 3.73:1. My question is, once the C Clip eliminators are installed, can you go back? And can I use a...
  3. Maxymilian

    Truck Differential Swap

    My Z28 still has its stock 10 bolt with 3.42 diff gears (unaware if its open or locking), but was looking for a little more grunt. I however don't have the several hundred dollars to do a proper brand new gear swap with a new posi, so it leads me to look towards junkyard heavy duty trucks. Has...
  4. JOEY72camaro

    2.73 to 3.08 gears?

    Was wonder what kinda of a difference it would make or any at all its just a stock 350 with th350 plan on taking it on trips on the freeway sometimes too What would my rpms and speed be with 3.08 gears?
  5. D

    79 z28 stock rear end

    Hi, I’m looking to put a LM7 in my 79 Z/28 with a stock rear end. I was wondering if anyone knew how much power the stock rear end could handle, it will be around a 300hp engine or 400 if I get the cam package. thanks, Daniel
  6. T

    1970-81 Trans Am Camaro 10 Bolt Posi Rear End - 8.5" with Disc Brakes 3.08 Gear

    I have a nice complete Posi rear end assembly for sale. Just removed from my project car. It is a 1978-81 Trans Am Rear End Assembly (not sure of the exact year -sorry). This Rear End was available on the Trans Am and included rear disc brake option. The brakes have been upgraded to cross...
  7. J

    383 stroker 500 horse with M-21

    Gentlemen, I am starting a build from scratch with a stock 71 Camaro up to 1970 Z28 specs. if I use a motor Transmission combo of 383 stroker 500 hp (less at rear wheels) with M21 trans do you think I will need to change up the suspension in front or rear. I planned on making sure I had the 5...
  8. Roamer90

    IRS swap. 2012 to 1979

    Well let me start by saying I'm about as educated on rear end swaps as a rock teaching a physics class. I recently got my hands on a 79 camaro. Got a steal of a deal on on a 2012 ss complete rear end. I'd like to try to get that bad boy under it. What kind of crazy would I be getting into...

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