1. JOEY72camaro

    1972 camaro build

    Hey everyone thought I would make build forum for my car so I could look back on and just have. Anyways it all started with my 1986 Irocz my first car I liked it so much I wanted a older camaro was looking for a cheap 1967 camaro but I ending up find my 1972 camaro for really good deal so I...
  2. M

    rebuild 350 sbc to Hyd. Roller or upgrade to 383 stroker?

    Wanting to get some input on whether I should upgrade to a 383 stroker in a 71 camaro. My current 350 sbc engine has a solid Flat tappet cam that went flat so the engine is going to be rebuilt. I'm most likely going to put in a hydraulic roller in because I think I would get better performance...
  3. J

    Drive shaft and transmission

    Hey all, I recently have been having some big problems with my 700r4 transmission not doing anything correct. Not shifting, not working in general, puking it’s fluid everywhere in the garage about once a month, and when it did decide to shift on the test drive, it was SUPER hard, jerked the...
  4. Mr. Lucci

    Bout time for my 72

    Well, finally it's time to start the rebuild process on my 1972 RS Camaro after sitting since 1991 ish. I originally bought this back in 1987 along with another 1972 SS Camaro later that year. I think I only paid $250.00 ea for both of them!! Unfortunately the SS Camaro was Rotted beyond...
  5. '71StreetZ

    Burning Oil at High RPM’s

    Hello all, I’ve come to you for some advice I plan on pulling the 327 out of my car over the winter/spring and freshening it up with some new gaskets and a camshaft but I’ve noticed that after a high rpm pull the engine will puff blueish/grey smoke for about 2-3 seconds. If I just cruise around...
  6. Da_Raabi

    Holes drilled in TH350 low planetary?

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my Th350. The previous builder had done all the "shade tree" modifications to this transmission, which resulted in fried clutches, broken sprags, and trashed bearings. They removed check balls, removed accumulator springs, and a few other things too I believe...
  7. Peck

    My project 9 years running.

    I have been in a love hate relationship with my Camaro since I bought it at 18. I have swapped the engine 3 times already and gone through countless sets of wheels and tires Anyway enough of the never ending aspect of my car and on to its reincarnation this time. This time around I have decided...
  8. D

    1976 Chevy Camaro - (Aurora Colorado)

    SOLD ****1976 Camaro. This car was a project of swapping in a reconditioned 350 V-8, that was never completed. Still have a set of good tires for it. Car has an automatic transmission. It is in non-running condition, since the engine swap has not yet been completed. Needs to have the carb and...
  9. '71StreetZ

    383 Stroker? Engine rebuild

    Hello all I have a 327 in my 71 right now which will need new piston rings soon as far as I can tell it’s a large journal 4 bolt main block but I haven’t cracked it open yet and I am deciding on whether or not to rebuild it with a 383 stroker crank and new lifters while I’m putting rings in it...
  10. C

    Picking an Engine Rebuild Kit

    Hi, I am currently building a 400SB to put In my 1985 Camaro Berlinetta. My question is what rebuild kit should I use, I currently have racing pistons so I don't need those included. Also what camshaft and wheel should I use I am only building it as a fun street car. Thanks in advance
  11. 79_maro

    Replacing '79 Camaro Engine (HELP)

    Ok, to start, I have a 1979 camaro. I'm not really sure the specific kind it is, except it's definitely not a z28. It's a 305 5.0L V8, with a 4 barrel carburetor. It's also an automatic. It has some aftermarket upgrades but majority of the car is stock, except for some visual and other things we...
  12. johnny79

    Storing a rebuilt tranny

    I'm going to rebuild my TH350 in the near future, adding some performance goodies. I wonder, after the rebuild and with the parts only lubricated during installation, can I store the transmission for longer period (say 1 year) again?

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