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  1. Fume

    1973 Camaro Twin Turbo LS3 with a T56 Magnum

    Hello all! Time to start a new project.... :D My current car is a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with a SBC 350 pushing 310 HP and about 320 lbs/ft paired with a M21 Close ratio muncie. The project would be a restomod. Its going to have a LS3 with about 8.0-8.5 CR and twin turbos pushing around 8psi...
  2. Lethal Camaro

    The 1971 Lethal Classic!

    Good Evening! Name is Mat and I have decided to save the life of a 1971 Camaro std. to use as my base to build my Lethal Classic. This is my first ground up restoration project, but I am being supported, guided and learning how its all done by a few pro's. But enough about me, lets take a look...
  3. SPG

    75 Bumblebee LT4 Gen V swap

    Hello everyone, I bought a 75 Camaro not too long ago and I'm doing a restomod to make it look like bumblebee. (very cheesy I know) So far nothing has been done on this car, waiting on a few things in the mail before any work can be done. Here is what it looks like I'm plan on putting a lt4...
  4. Z

    Resto-Mod Door Handles

    Since I figured I'm doing a resto-mod I decided I was gonna change the door handles out. So I bought 69 Camaro door handles and latch kit to go on my 76. Has anyone else done any mods like that or anything else unique?
  5. Z

    Lower Valance Panel For 76.

    So I'm looking into buying some stuff for my Resto-mod, and unfortunately a lower valance panel is one of the main things I need to get the body looking spot on again. Biggest issue is I don't know if I want one with or without the front spoiler. Any recommendations, pictures or advice?

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