1. giggity

    RS Grill Hardware

    Looking for RS mounting hardware.... this is all I see listed on Camaro Central. But I think these are for the grill inserts themselves.
  2. C

    1978-81 Fisher N.O.S. T-Top weatherstrips

    I'm cleaning out 40+ years of mostly Camaro stuff and some firebird stuff...mostly 1970-1981...a few small 67-69 pieces..... FOUND: 1978-81 factory Fisher t-roof N.O.S. weatherstrips ...both were in their original boxes ,but one box didn't survive (the part # 20176025) the other box (part...
  3. G

    looking for 1970-73 Rally Sport grill surround

    Hi, I'm looking for an 1970-73 RS grill surround in good/great condition. thank you
  4. G

    1972 RS turn signal lights

    Hi everyone! I am looking for a really nice pair of front RS turn signals for my 1972 RS. will consider a pair in good condition or NOS. Thank You
  5. C

    New Member with 70 Z28 RS

    Hi All I'm pretty excited at the moment as I purchased a 70 Z28 RS in Daytona Yellow 4 speed and I hope to pick it up from the shipping company next week :) The car was built and and lived in LA and was last registered in 1986 and has been parked up since then. The carburetor and distributor are...
  6. Icepick23

    Project 72

    I have a 1972 Camaro that is currently under construction. I've had this car since the mid 80's. And I'm getting pretty serious about it now. Check it out
  7. R

    1970 steering wheel

    1970 camaro steering wheel,one year only. has a crack as shown in picture thats not visible with horn shroud on. $500
  8. mrfleet12

    My sister's 71 RS/Z

    This is the car that got me into the early second gens, LT1, 4 speed car in burnt orange. They bought it new in the Chicago area and it stayed here until one of my brothers bought it in I believe the late 90s and took it to Arizona. From there I hear it changed hands a few times and went through...
  9. Fume

    1973 Camaro Insulation

    Hello! :D I have a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with A/C. I was looking at rickscamaro for insulation. I am confused about what insulation I need. I want to do a overhaul and replace/add the insulation because the car has no insulation that I know of there isn't a firewall pad or grommets so it is...
  10. Dees73

    How many 73 Z28/RS 4 speeds produced?

    Hey everyone so about 5yrs ago I bought my 73 and did some research and found via the vin, that it was built in Ohio and it was originally a 4 speed. Does anyone know the exact number of these made? Can’t seem to locate anything online at this time. Thank you in advance.
  11. S

    73 Camaro nose restoration

    Hi guys recently i bought a 73 camaro RS but without RS Nose there is no radiator support or no headlight bucket and no Housing bracket and..... front of my car is empty first of all, i need this : 1970-1973 Camaro Rally Sport Conversion Kit So what else i need to complete the front of my car...
  12. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter

    Reposting a transmission forum question here since it's resto related. Have a 72 SS396 with Muncie, trying to identify correct shift lever for the GM over-the-counter Hurst shifter, I've seen one with Hurst letters above the bend area and one with letters in the bend area as imaged below...
  13. M

    1970 SS396 l78

    Looking for a 1970 l78, good driver quality, prefer an RS optioned car but not necessary and does not have to be matching numbers but want year correct components.......396,intake, 12 bolt, seats etc. I have a 1970 L34 factory 4 speed, Cranberry/Sandalwood (black currently), Norwood built...
  14. 73 Rs

    Dyno, 73 Camaro, 396 fitech 800 meanstreet.

    Did a few dynoruns with my Camaro.
  15. Impact-mk

    73, Z28, RS, LT, Tow package,

    hey guys, a few months ago i went to buy a pooty old 73 Camaro out of some gentleman's field. it is in rough shape and honestly i originally only bought it because buying this car and taking its windshield, was cheaper then buying a windshield, so i get this rust hog back to my pals shop, ad i...
  16. ''71 RS Split Bumper

    ''71 RS Split Bumper

    Just bought it for 6100, it\'s arriving Saturday. Would love to hear what you can tell about it & any recommendations you might have with what to do to it.
  17. '71 RS Z28

    '71 RS Z28

  18. '71 RS Z28

    '71 RS Z28

  19. '71 RS Z28

    '71 RS Z28

    Taken on the Hot Rod Power Tour 2010.
  20. 72camroRS


    This is my 1972 Camaro RS. I bought this camaro April \'09 looking very fine from a recent restoration. Far from original however. Previous owner tore out the original engine and 4spd. manual and put in a column shifter(i do not understand why anyone would do that) and a 350 with a cam of some...

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