1. Bi11

    Camel hump heads, intake, valve covers

    First generation small block Chevy camel hump heads, 1.94 intake-1.5 exhaust, casting number 3782461, removed from mid-60s 327, $75 First generation cast iron four barrel intake, casting number 3866922, removed from same engine, with Rochester carburetor $50 First generation SBC valve covers...
  2. J

    Wanted: Aluminum SBC heads

    Will buy new in a few weeks if I have to but I'm a college student and would love to save a buck or two if I can. Looking for a 64cc/190-200cc runner or something around there. Similar to Blueprint's H8002K. Will be sitting on a 10.2:1 350 with an XE274. Have a budget of about $600 USD. Thanks :)
  3. Americanmuscle13

    Do I have enough cylinder head?

    I'm currently deployed overseas, so I've been passing the time by planning my next build. While my 388 has done well over the years, it's getting to the point where it needs to be replaced. I've been looking at stepping up to a big inch SBC, since I have a lot of good parts that will swap...
  4. S

    What Is my motor?

    Hey everyone this is my first post,I have a 1977 sport coupe,when I looked at the casting numbers on the block I noticed that the "GM"mark is upside down in relation to the numbers,I have never seen a block like this,from what I have researched the block seems to be a 1970s 350 because the code...