1. X

    Seat Recliner Bolt Snapped

    Hi everyone, As I was driving my Camaro last night, my seat back suddenly collapsed back. Today I discovered that the bolt/peg that the hook clips onto snapped. The car still has the stock seats in it. What is this part actually called so I can buy a replacement? Thanks for the help!
  2. TripleOTrading

    Lower Front Seat Frame

    Nice unit was cleaned and painted black. Install and go. One weak spot which DOES NOT effect structure or mounting $50 plus shipping Cleaned and ready for your foams and covers! Pete 423 321 2615 Pay Pal fine
  3. giggity

    restoring 1970 camaro seats

    Restored my 1970 camaro seats, turned out pretty dang good!!! Going to do a seat write up when i get a chance on this thread. But this was my end result on the first seat!
  4. wheels313

    70 Camaro RS

    All parts were sold
  5. D

    Racing seats for my 79 z28

    Hi, So recently I got a set of racing seats and brackets on summit racing. After putting them in the drivers seat was not strait with the steering wheel and angled to the left but the passenger seat was strait, has anyone else had this problem? And would anyone know a set of racing seats that...
  6. tbarr396

    second generation seats for sale

    I have a set of seats that came out of a 70 camaro that I bought a parts car. the seats appear to be out of a 1973. they were recovered at some point in time and covers are in good shape as you can see from the pictures. the foam in the front bucket seats are distorted a little from being...
  7. SPG

    Looking for specific seats and dash instrument cluster

    Hello everyone, I'm currently piecing out what I need for the interior and I'm having issues finding two items because they're custom. First is seats. As some of you may or may not be aware, I'm currently doing my best to recreate the camaro in the transformers movie, so far I've found almost...
  8. C

    Seat tracks?

    Hey was wonder what year seat tracks fit on stock 71-73 bucket seats or if I could use racing seat tracks or if there's any universal seat tracks to fit on stock seats?
  9. Bi11

    Second generation seat parts

    Early second generation Camaro seats, but are interchangeable with 70-81. Seat backs in good condition. Seat bottoms need some elbow-grease. Only have one seat bottom cushion (see pics). (Seat rails sold.) $75 I'm in Northern Virginia, local inquiries please.
  10. giggity

    1970 stock seats with roll cage

    I've done some searching, and haven't really found what i'm looking for. Anyone put in a roll cage with stock 1970 seats? How did you set up seat belts or harness? pictures? thanks!
  11. giggity

    1970 seat restoration help

    I'm considering restoring my 1970 seats myself. Anyone done this, have pictures, links to threads, etc. I've searched a few times and not really found what I'm looking for. I dont think I'm going to use the rear seat, no one can sit back there anyways. So i'm thinking of just carpeting the...

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