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  1. C

    1978-81 Fisher N.O.S. T-Top weatherstrips

    I'm cleaning out 40+ years of mostly Camaro stuff and some firebird stuff...mostly 1970-1981...a few small 67-69 pieces..... FOUND: 1978-81 factory Fisher t-roof N.O.S. weatherstrips ...both were in their original boxes ,but one box didn't survive (the part # 20176025) the other box (part...
  2. Fume

    Correct Badging 1973 Camaro Z28 RS Type LT

    I have a 1973 Z28 RS LT (title). Since I got the car I noticed inconsistencies with the bashing with other 1970-73 cars. Could someone please let me know what the correct Badging for my camaro? PS images linked below. :) (This is a true Z28 LT and Rally Sport) Edit: I know that the Z27 aka SS...
  3. W

    Second gen seats Carmen deluxe Arizona

    Selling driver and passenger seat. Color is carmine - code 74C. There is a cigarette hole in one (classic) and they are dirty but overall I’d say they are in ok shape for being 40 years old. I would ship at buyers expense but I’m also not sure how to ship them so I’d need advice on the best...
  4. 7

    70 camaro doors

    Hey guys. Looking for a good set of early second gen Camaro doors. They do no need to have any of the internal components, just the door itself. minor dents are ok, would prefer rust free as possible, as the 2 I have a past the point of repair with rust. Would prefer in the Atlanta Georgia area...
  5. Crosby

    T56 doesn't fit in transmission tunnel of 79 Z28 - help!

    My son and I are putting a T56 six speed in his 79 Z28, with a GEN I SBC via a special flywheel. He has the external slave (push?) style bellhousing, etc. and we just can't get the transmission to fit in under the tunnel. A year or two ago we rebuilt his engine and replaced his clutch, and had...

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