1. buckshot815

    Original Used Shifter, 1976 Camaro, TH350, with console plate

    This is an original, used, 1976 Camaro shifter for a TH350 car. It is in good working order, and comes with the plastic shift slider and console plate. It has some surface rust as pictured. I think I have the knob somewhere, and will look, but no promises. If I find it I'll throw it in...
  2. J

    Wanted: 1977 z28 4-spdshifter

    Not sure if a T/A shifter is exactly the same as Z28. Need knob and console also.
  3. JOEY72camaro

    B&M shifter question

    I want to still use my center console and have a ratchet shifter my question is will this b&m shifter fit in the center console hole? Or do they make one for a 1972 camaro center console? does not have to be b&m does anyone make one A auto ratchet shifter for a stock center console I have TH350...
  4. Shruted It

    Changing shifter

    Hi All, I have a 72 Camaro with a th350 trans. My horseshoe shifter is a powerglide shifter (with PG detent). I purchased a 3 speed shifter detent for a th350 to swap out. My question is, can I simply swap the plate and get my 1 - 2 - D gears? Or do I need to make shifter/trans cable...
  5. ProjectZ

    Speedo shift indicator question

    I have a 1972 Z/28 with a console/ the shift indicator in the speedo cluster suppose to work with the floor shift? If so, how? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. B

    Trans install question.

    I’ve got a 4 spd Muncie and shifter from a 69 vette.......when I bolt this up to the bell housing in 79 second gen, the shifter looks like it sits too far to the right side of the hole in the tunnel and I can’t even run it through the shift pattern. The shifter hits the side of the tunnel...
  7. 7

    78 z28 play in the shifter

    I just purchased a 78 z28 and the shifter has some play in it . Doesn’t seem to grab anything. Could this just be from the car sitting for so long and needing to run a bit or what I’m hoping the trans is completely shot. Seems to be stuck in neutral will roll even when placed in Park
  8. Aero79z

    Turbine Wheels and Hurst Competition Plus shifter

    Set of turbine western wheels 15x7 $450 for the set shifter was sold Located in Northeastern PA if anyone is interested in picking anything up
  9. R

    Looking B&M Quicksilver console shifter

    HI, I was looking to see if anyone has a used B&M Quicksilver console shifter forsale?
  10. redriderjf87

    Shifter / Knob Thread Adapters

    So, in ordering a new Hurst knob with button to wire in my linelock, I messed up on the thread sizes, my handle is 3/8" - 24 and the knob is 7/16" - 20 pitch. After realizing this, I thought I could get a thread adapter to save myself, but can't seem to find anything in general for thread...

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