1. jakethesnake

    Super t10 ITM to Hurst swap

    I have a 1973 camaro that I recently converted from auto th350 to st10 4 speed. The transmission came with an ITM shifter. I believe it is from a 1977 f body. I want to change the shifter to a hurst. Will I be able to use the shift rods and mounting bracket from the ITM shifter, or will I...
  2. B

    Super T10 question

    I'm trying to source a super t10 trans for my 79 Z28 but I'm not sure what to look for in identifying the trans. I may have found one (haven't physically seen it yet)that supposedly was pulled from a 78-80 GM, but besides the fine 27 spline input shaft and the larger 32 spline output shaft, what...

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