1. D

    Not the usual steering wheel wobble?

    Hi all, just spent the last hour taking the column apart to tighten up the hex screws that seem usually to be the problem with steering wheel / column wobble. Unfortunately, those guys were already tight! Apart from the upper shaft bearing that was missing half its ball bearings after a mechanic...
  2. N

    1979 Camaro steering wheel lock LS swap

    Im almost done with an LS swap with my father and we cant figure out the steering wheel lock, I cant relock it as we removed a little metal arm sort of thing under the break booster because it was in the way and since we removed that the steering wheel lock wont work, was wondering if I could...
  3. Zoom1

    1971 Camaro Intermediate Steering Shaft Replacement

    I recently received a replacement intermediate steering shaft for my 71 Camaro. It is much shorter than the one I removed. I read that these can be extended to fit, by sliding the double D shaft, but I was not able to do this by hand. Anyone run into this or know how to extend these...
  4. Floydwillweather

    76' Camaro Spindle

    Years of brake changes have stripped the threads on my stock spindles. I am wondering if a 1974 Spindle will be a direct stock height replacement, or will I have to attempt to find a used one. No retailer offers one that will not drop my front end some degrees.
  5. Reginald

    Won't Start/Turn Over

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my camaro I bought from some guy a good while back. The key is stuck inside the ignition cylinder and the car will not turn on or make a noise when I turn the key, I have taken off the steering wheel and could change the ignition cylinder but the same problem would...
  6. SPG

    Borgeson or DSE?

    Hey, another steering question thread, this one is more straight forward. I'm looking at steering boxes and the two that come up is the borgeson and the DSE Is there any reason that the DSE is a lot more expensive? or are you paying for the name., because they both have the same ratio from...
  7. Travz28

    79 z28 steering box not working at idle

    My 79 z28s old steering box had every seal blown and was leaking my ps fluid out. So I went online and bought a rebuilt one. It was a perfect match mounted right up. I bled the system with the engine off and front wheels off the ground. Went from lock to lock as what they say. I started it and...
  8. R

    QA1 or Viking Coilover set-up w/ CPP arms

    Hey guys, I've been doing some research of the two in past forums, but I have been coming up with somewhat outdated goods and bads. 1. So anyone with some experience of either, what are your current .02 cents on em'? I need to upgrade the old coils and shocks soon so I am trying to figure...

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