1. JOEY72camaro

    clam shell mounts install?

    Hey just wonder what holes should I be using to install the clam shell mounts on to 1972 camaro subframe there's 4 holes on my mounts but I heard you only use 3 holes to install them is the correct way?
  2. M

    Excellent '81 complete subframe with premium parts

    For sale is a complete subframe removed from my '81 Camaro. Since this car was originally a CA/NV car, later a show car, and never driven in snow, it is in excellent condition with no significant rust and minimal corrosion. All 4 mounting holes are perfect. My pics show it as-removed with no...
  3. S

    Are 77 camaro subframe and floor pans the same as 77 firebird?

    Novice doing project with Son. Thanks everyone for sharing all your knowledge and enthusiasm. I wouldn't even try to save this 2nd gen if it wasn't for the Web and all of you. Thanks again!!
  4. thesalboy

    What is this bolt hole for?

    On the front subframe, drivers side, right under the scallop in the frame for the steering box/shaft, there is a threaded hole. What bolts there? I'm welding in gussets and don't want to obstruct it if I need it. Can't remember or figure out what what if anything goes there...?
  5. B

    Level points

    I’m installing subframe connectors and a 6 point roll cage on my sons 79 Z28. My intention is to have the car on my screw-jack stands and get it as level as possible for installation. My question is, What point(s) on the chassis can be used to place the levels to achieve both side to side and...
  6. MAV Fam

    Cleaning House - Rear Frame Rails, Subframe, Hood, More

    In the process of cleaning up around here and raising funds to get the 71 back together. Will be posting items as I get info together. Rear frame rails ('76) - Actually have the full rear clip in tact if interested. Truck pan has a couple pin holes but not bad. I'll just say $500 but really...
  7. 73 subframe

    73 subframe

    73 camaro subframe - date code
  8. 73 subframe

    73 subframe

    73 camaro subframe - painted with KBS rustseal
  9. 73 subframe

    73 subframe

    73 camaro subframe - all back together

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