1. W

    Stock Height Spindle

    Where would I be able to find a stock height spindle for a '76. Classic Industries hasn't been in stock for years. I'll pay good if someone has an extra pair here. Thanks!
  2. rhp454

    Shocks for a 1971 Camaro- 2 " lowered car. Spindles in front and leaf springs in the rear by Hotchkis.

    I am looking for a soft ride and moderate handling. What shocks do you recommend?
  3. Floydwillweather

    76' Camaro Spindle

    Years of brake changes have stripped the threads on my stock spindles. I am wondering if a 1974 Spindle will be a direct stock height replacement, or will I have to attempt to find a used one. No retailer offers one that will not drop my front end some degrees.
  4. J

    Gen 1 Camaro upper bump stops

    Rebuilding front chassis on 1968 Camaro. Thought the upper control arms were stock but after checking there is a 9/16-12 hole where the bump stop attaches. The normal pull through bump stop will not work. I have seen a few similar upper control arms with a threaded bump stop advertised, but...
  5. Z

    General Spring KC?

    I’m wondering if anyone has had good luck with leaf springs from General Spring. I’m just looking for a stock height replacement for my ‘78 Z28 (4 leaf, 126# rate). I had planned to get the OER RL12 springs from summit since they offer free shipping, but I’ve since learned that OER is...
  6. hpp

    measuring ride height, figuring out what I have, best way to raise

    Hello forum members, I have a 77 Camaro that was lowered by one of the POs. I'm trying to figure out what suspension components were used. The car is very low and I have problems with roads, driveways, bumps, etc. Looks great, but I would like to raise the front. I appreciate any insights the...
  7. J

    U bolt conversion

    Hello, I am currently in the process of swapping my highway gears out for a set of 3.73 posi. I have a completely separate rear axle for it and am looking at swapping to four u-bolts instead of t-bolt/u-bolt combo. Is there anything I need to worry about? Are the u-bolts different diameters and...
  8. UMI Performance

    UMI Releases 2nd-Gen F-Body Stage 2 and 3 Handling Kits!

    UMI Releases 2nd-Gen F-Body Stage 2 and 3 Handling Kits! The NEW Stage 2 F-Body kit, also known as our Power Tour Package, features everything you need for your pride and joy to reliably travel thousands of miles at a time in corner carving comfort. Caster corrected, tall ball joint a-arms...
  9. 1

    Brand New set of Monroe OE Spectrum Shocks

    Literally Brand new, not even installed on the car. I bought them and ended up changing directions towards a pro-touring build. You'll get 2 x PN 5801 Brand New 2 x PN 5831 Brand New They cost over $150 new. Im asking $110 shipped.
  10. UMI Performance

    Going BLACK - UMI's Revised Sway Bar Bracket

    These revised anodized black ultra heavy duty machined sway bar brackets from UMI Performance are the cherry on top of your suspension. Machined in-house, these brackets reduce flex which allows your sway bar to do its job efficiently. They come with either Red or Black grease-able...
  11. J

    Tires rubbing need to extend shocks on a budget

    Just replaced the 20 year old air shocks on my 81 camaro with a set of gabriel 69624 shocks and my tires are rubbing a good amount. I am running 295/50/15 tires on it. I plan to roll the fender up which should eliminate most of the problem but I would like to get an extra inch preferably closer...
  12. G

    HELP !! Need NEW Leaf Springs

    I am starting to restore my 1970 Camaro (SS 396/375hp) and I need to find some replacement springs. They are suppose to be F41 coded (125lb/in) 5 leaf but mine have several leafs broken. All that I look at are either drop or are 95lb/in rated. The places I've called act like I'm crazy because...
  13. Primus

    Polyurethan or Rubber?

    Hey Guys, Im Max, im a new Camaro owner from germany and I already have some Questions. The biggest Thing is: My Berly '79 feels like a Boat. Its not Stable at all, everything over 60 feels extremly scary. My suggestion is: New Bushings everywhere! I dont think, that the preowners ever did some...
  14. G

    Questions about suspension and brake rebuild/upgrade.

    Hello, I am going through my rear and front suspension and brakes and I have quite a few questions. This car is mostly street but will be doing some autocross and some drag. 1. I think i'm set on getting global west front coil springs with about one inch lowering, and their multi leaf L-3 with...
  15. G

    HELP !! Leaf Spring finder

    1970 Camaro SS car. I need to replace my broken leaf springs. I want to stay with the factory spec rate(125in/lb) but I can't seem to find them. I've called several manufacturers and they said that my spring rate was incorrect. Any help is appreciated ! Thanks
  16. J

    383 stroker 500 horse with M-21

    Gentlemen, I am starting a build from scratch with a stock 71 Camaro up to 1970 Z28 specs. if I use a motor Transmission combo of 383 stroker 500 hp (less at rear wheels) with M21 trans do you think I will need to change up the suspension in front or rear. I planned on making sure I had the 5...
  17. Z

    Body Bushings

    I was looking into getting some new body bushings for my 76 Camaro, and was wondering what some of you prefer. If at all possible gimme some pictures of them installed to go with suggestions too.

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