1. K

    Bellhousing help!

    6401E141-C067-4050-AB0E-AF17F3A8D43D by Kyle kelly posted Nov 22, 2019 at 12:47 PMC01CF2E2-9CAF-4780-864E-5D4F5C7A49A8 by Kyle kelly posted Nov 22, 2019 at 12:47 PM got a question about Bellhousing im doing a trans swap from a saginaw to a super t10 and the inner bore for my bell housing isn’t...
  2. B

    Super T10 question

    I'm trying to source a super t10 trans for my 79 Z28 but I'm not sure what to look for in identifying the trans. I may have found one (haven't physically seen it yet)that supposedly was pulled from a 78-80 GM, but besides the fine 27 spline input shaft and the larger 32 spline output shaft, what...
  3. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter

    Reposting a transmission forum question here since it's resto related. Have a 72 SS396 with Muncie, trying to identify correct shift lever for the GM over-the-counter Hurst shifter, I've seen one with Hurst letters above the bend area and one with letters in the bend area as imaged below...
  4. E

    Backup Light does not work - 4 Speed T10

    Hi there, my 77 Camaro with 5,7 and 4 speed borg warner manual transmission has no backup light. I am not sure if this has worked in the past. It was original a automatic transmission and the switch at the bottom of the steering is there and the wiring works. Now I am not sure how the T10...