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  1. 1981zapper

    Temperature Coolant Sensor with aftermarket heads

    I'm going to be installing Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads and would like to retain the stock Coolant Temperature sensor in the cylinder head, the only issue is my factory temperature sensor is a 3/8" NPT and the Edelbrock Cylinder head is tapped for a 1/2" NPT I mocked up the header on the...
  2. Michael-71SS

    71 New Gauge Cluster Issues - Grounding?

    I found a few similar issues throughout the forum, but don't think I found one that touched my exact issue. After recovering my seats but before reinstalling them, I decided that it was high time to replace the entire dash in my 71 SS. As it normal for these, about every tab was busted on...
  3. B

    73RS Z28 Temp Gauge

    Hello, sure this has been asked previously. I am in Australia, looking for a good number for a temp sender that will make my gauge read accurately. I have tried a couple from local auto shop, but gauge reads hot, moves does all the right things. I check the water temp with the IR gun, i can find...

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