1. M

    Which gear ratio?

    I have a 78 with a 350 smb th350 transmission. Last year i put 4.10 gears in the car making the jump from 2.73. Before the gear switch this car cruised for hours on end of just driving without the engine screaming, car would hit 120mph no problem. It was an awesome ride, i was just looking for...
  2. T

    71 Radiator with TH350 - Trans cooler fittings

    I'm looking to replace the radiator in my 71 with stock SBC 350 and TH350 trans. Thus far all the radiators I've come across have 1/2-20 trans cooler fittings where I need 5/8-18. Anyone have any recommendations short of getting 1/2" to 5/8" adaptors or an external trans cooler?
  3. Joseph Ryan Shammas

    1979 Camaro No Drive, Only Reverse

    Hey guys, i sound like a total noob but im trying to learn more about this stuff and just need somewhere to start. I recently got myself a 79 Berlinetta Camaro, automatic for a really good deal as my first car. It started right up, ran great but the car started to slip. I checked Trans fluid in...
  4. John Garner

    Camaro Th350 quistion?

    Thanks for the add! I just bought a TH350 for my 70 Camaro and I'm trying to find out what year and where it was made? The only numbers I can find on it are a large letter and number on the bell housing C3 and a number on the left side of the case down by the pan #137427124 I was told it came...
  5. F


    I have recently installed a crate 350 and a new th350 in my car. I'm a bit confused on how I'm supposed to break in the cam in my engine with a new trans. Is there a certain amount of trans fluid y'all put in before starting the engine? The instructions from TCI says I'm supposed to go through...
  6. Thomas Mihalyi

    Torque converter

    I have a 1977 camaro with a 305 and a th350 I am about to instal a 350 that pushes 300 hp and around 300 torque maybe more for the transmission should I install one of those shift improver kits and should I change my torque converter or should it be okay
  7. P

    80Z transmission swap jack height

    Hello all, I'm soon swapping TH350 for 200r4 and would like to ask if someone could advise me on how high (floor to frame-rail or other height) should I jack up 1980 Z28 to make it possible. The job will be done "ghetto style" with low floor jack with flat-plate adapter. If anyone have...
  8. F

    Swapping my 86' corvettes 383 stroker. 700r4 & 3400 stall TC into my 79' camaro

    Hey all new member here! As the title says, I am swapping my 86' corvettes built 383 stroker+700r4+3400 stall TC into my 79' Camaro. I wanna know EVERYTHING I need to get done to make this happen and links please for parts suggested. I have zero knowledge on this swap, someone ran my car off...
  9. mikes147

    question about th350 removal

    Hello. Little stuck this afternoon. I have most everything done, and the th350 is on a jack. 2 issues...1. My headers are seem to be in the way. Guess I need to remove at least one of them? those bolts are even more fun the the ones on top of te trans I bet. 2. Kick down cable...I removed...
  10. Shruted It

    Changing shifter

    Hi All, I have a 72 Camaro with a th350 trans. My horseshoe shifter is a powerglide shifter (with PG detent). I purchased a 3 speed shifter detent for a th350 to swap out. My question is, can I simply swap the plate and get my 1 - 2 - D gears? Or do I need to make shifter/trans cable...
  11. SPG

    TH350 puking everywhere

    As of right now my car sits in the garage with a big pan under it because it's puking it's guts all over the floor. I've determined that the front pump seal needs to be replaced as that's where it looks like the leak is coming out of, the pan is dry. I have a few questions regarding this. 1...
  12. axeman7

    Auto swap setup

    Just swapped out my TH350 for a four speed setup. As a result, I have the parts needed for someone looking to swap to an automatic. TH350 out of a 1980 Camaro, B&M shift kit, torque converter (not sure the stall but it chirped 2nd with my 383) B&M Ratchet shifter with cable and chrome T-handle...
  13. Da_Raabi

    Holes drilled in TH350 low planetary?

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my Th350. The previous builder had done all the "shade tree" modifications to this transmission, which resulted in fried clutches, broken sprags, and trashed bearings. They removed check balls, removed accumulator springs, and a few other things too I believe...
  14. B

    Transmission: TH350 in low gear?, will it start?

    I disassembled the car and didnt know what i was doing tearing it down and think (4 years later) that the trans is in gear. The shifter linkage is binding and wont rotate and I believe its because the th350 is in lowgear from where the shifter is positioned in the car where the steering column...
  15. X

    Original TH350 to T56 Swap

    Hey everyone, I've got a 1979 Camaro Berlinetta. I'll give you all a list of what is currently installed on the car. The Original TH350 with some sort of shift kit. A Chevy 350 with a mild-ish cam, Edelbrock RPM Dual Plane Intake, Edelbrock 650 Carb, and Dart Iron Eagle SS heads. Original 10...
  16. L

    TH350 vs TH400: I have a couple questions and need help

    I’m still kinda new to the car scene, so my knowledge is pretty limited and I definitely get lost on some of the lingo, so please don’t be upset if I have no clue what you mean about certain things. Backstory: So I’ve had an ‘81 Z for a few years as a project car. It was being built as a drag...
  17. johnny79

    Storing a rebuilt tranny

    I'm going to rebuild my TH350 in the near future, adding some performance goodies. I wonder, after the rebuild and with the parts only lubricated during installation, can I store the transmission for longer period (say 1 year) again?

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