1. rhp454

    Converter change when switching from a 6 cyl to a 283cu engine

    Guys, I have a six-cylinder engine with a powerglide transmission and will be switching the engine to a moderate 220hp 283cu. Do I need to switch to a different torque converter? If so any suggestions? Thank you
  2. John Garner

    Camaro Th350 quistion?

    Thanks for the add! I just bought a TH350 for my 70 Camaro and I'm trying to find out what year and where it was made? The only numbers I can find on it are a large letter and number on the bell housing C3 and a number on the left side of the case down by the pan #137427124 I was told it came...
  3. M

    What Manual Trans will fit in a 350 smallblock?

    Im getting ready to do some upgrades to my 79 Z28, and was wanting to swap in a manual. Yet i have zero idea what trans would bolt onto the 350 without needing to modify anything?
  4. J

    Lost reverse

    Hey! I’m back with another question about my car, I just swapped out a worn out 700r4 for a long cone turbo 350 out of a 74 c10 into my 1981 camaro. Car has a small block 305. Transmission was sitting a couple years so when I got it I changed fluid filter and gaskets, the pan had some clutch...
  5. J

    Drive shaft and transmission

    Hey all, I recently have been having some big problems with my 700r4 transmission not doing anything correct. Not shifting, not working in general, puking it’s fluid everywhere in the garage about once a month, and when it did decide to shift on the test drive, it was SUPER hard, jerked the...
  6. kamaro kid

    3899621 bellhousing

    Anyone have an extra one of these?? If not does anyone have experience with installing and dialing in one of the aftermarket bells? I'm curious which product you chose and how it measured for crank centerline and block parallel. CALL OFF THE DOGS...FOUND ONE.
  7. Sanders Speed

    74, use original 4 speed?

    I blew up and cracked my spare Borg Warner super t10 case, third gear broke. Do I use my original Borg Warner case in my 74Z or use another case, Car is original, restored to a day one car. If and when I sell it, would the buyer want the original transmission in the car or just hand the person...
  8. SPG

    TH350 puking everywhere

    As of right now my car sits in the garage with a big pan under it because it's puking it's guts all over the floor. I've determined that the front pump seal needs to be replaced as that's where it looks like the leak is coming out of, the pan is dry. I have a few questions regarding this. 1...
  9. '71StreetZ

    Muncie Whirring noise in neutral

    Hello all, Recently swapped out my old saggy and put my rebuilt M21 Muncie in my car all went well but it makes a rock crusher type noise and even does it while in neutral. I’ve replaced the throwout bearing and have had the trans in and out a few times now the only thing that keeps it from...
  10. flippinbanker

    TH400 Mystery and Misery . . . Nothing in any gear

    820D34D5-2719-4D5A-9CA3-D50A72354224 by flippinbanker posted Jan 10, 2019 at 8:08 PM0810E833-FBF6-4632-B236-8CDC3650A1BE by flippinbanker posted Jan 10, 2019 at 8:08 PMFB962379-8025-42ED-AF4E-E3B40A28C21F by flippinbanker posted Jan 10, 2019 at 8:08 PMAbout a year ago I bought a 1974 Camaro Z28...
  11. AZsplit

    Muncie 4 speed question

    Hey guys got a couple questions about my 4 speed. 1970 camaro 350 / 4 speed This is the 1st 4 speed I have ever driven, but I've driven newer cars with manual trans with no issues. My buddy replaced the clutch on it and the car drives fine at all speeds except engaging into 1st gear. The...
  12. sg76lt

    Clearing out garage! Th-350 and th-400 for sale

    I am selling a th350 out of my 76 camaro -82000miles no issues. (Swapped the car to a 4 speed manual) I am also selling a th400 from a 77 suburban (short tail shaft) 74000 miles no issues. I have a b and m 2200-2400 stall torquemaster converter that can be included with either trans. (Whoever...
  13. 7

    78 z28 play in the shifter

    I just purchased a 78 z28 and the shifter has some play in it . Doesn’t seem to grab anything. Could this just be from the car sitting for so long and needing to run a bit or what I’m hoping the trans is completely shot. Seems to be stuck in neutral will roll even when placed in Park
  14. B

    Transmission: TH350 in low gear?, will it start?

    I disassembled the car and didnt know what i was doing tearing it down and think (4 years later) that the trans is in gear. The shifter linkage is binding and wont rotate and I believe its because the th350 is in lowgear from where the shifter is positioned in the car where the steering column...
  15. F

    Chevy Silverado Transmission Swap Information Needed

    Has anyone swapped out the four speed automatic overdrive for the more modern six speed or eight speed automatic transmission? I am interested in putting a six or eight speed automatic into a Silverado that originally had a four speed automatic. Any companies offering a "kit" to swap to the more...
  16. L

    TH350 vs TH400: I have a couple questions and need help

    I’m still kinda new to the car scene, so my knowledge is pretty limited and I definitely get lost on some of the lingo, so please don’t be upset if I have no clue what you mean about certain things. Backstory: So I’ve had an ‘81 Z for a few years as a project car. It was being built as a drag...
  17. A

    Need help with TR6060 in 71

    Hey guys, So I recently purchased a pullout LS3 with a tr6060 manual trans from a 2010 Camaro that I have been trying to collect all the parts for before I start the process of attempting to install it. Now I purchased my motor mounts along with the transmission mounts from BRP hotrods...
  18. 80CamaroMod

    Electronic speedometer sensor

    Hello all, I ordered new gauges awhile back and am looking to convert my speedometer to electronic. I have a universal speed sensor but I was wondering if any of you have experience on a good way/place to install this on a 4 speed? I'm not sure if it is a muncie or signaw off-hand and the car...
  19. AJ81Z28

    Clutch Conversion

    I'm taking out the automatic and putting my stick shift back in my 81 Z28. I have all the parts and foot pedals etc. Being 17 years older than I was the last time I drove the stick shift I'm a little concerned about the heavy clutch pedal and my ankle and knee. So I'm wondering if anyone has...
  20. 1

    Rebuilt TH2004R and BTO Swap Kit

    Hey Everyone! Long time lurker and first time poster here. I have virtually an entire TH200-4R swap kit that I am no longer in need of. I was going to swap this transmission into my 1980 T/A and make it my daily…but ended up picking up a 96 C4 instead. Details on what I have: The Trans Fully...

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