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    Need Help - Transmission Catastrophe

    My daily driver is a 1978 Camaro with a carter 4bbl carbureted small block 350, running a muncie 3-speed transmission. Just tonight I was driving home, shifted from first to second gear, and at around 2000 rpm, with no warning whatsoever, there was a massive bang and suddenly second gear made...
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    !980 350 turbo tans won't shift out of first in drive

    I have a 1980 c10 Truck that has a 350 turbo trans in it, It shifted fine with a late model 305 in it, ever since i put a 1989 305 in it she won't shift, I have vacuum to the modulator and the governor gear is in perfect shape and the valves move freely, I have no clue if the newer engine Which...