1. T

    71-72 Camaro Z/28 Orginal Wheels

    This Sale is for 4 Five Spoke Wheels. Includes new OER Rings and Caps. There are 6 wheels shown pick the 4 that you like best. Dates and codes listed. Cost is $850 + Shipping from zip code 72034. Gary 501-450-0324. There are several photos please check for your vehicle. I can send additional...
  2. 7

    18x11 or 19x11 wheels on a budget?

    I'm looking for new wheels for my '73 and I want to go with either 18" or 19". I'm looking for 11" width. Which wheels out there fit that size but are lower cost? I would like to spend of course as little as possible but I'd love to keep it under $400/wheel. I'm kind of striking out on my search...
  3. Thomas Mihalyi

    Wheels and tire

    I have a 1977 camaro and want to put new wheels on it which are ridler 650 I want to have 17x8 in front and 18x8 in the rear the only backspacing they have for these wheels are 4.5 inches I want to put 245 front and 275 rear would that work Also what other suggestions for wheels and tires
  4. 1

    Where to find 15x8 Camaro Z28 5 spoke wheels

    I am looking to put some Z28 5 spoke wheels on my 1979 Camaro, but it seems that they were only made in the 15x7 size, and was wondering if anyone knew where to buy a 15x8 variation of the wheel, can't seem to find them anywhere... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Charlie1800

    17" Year One 5 Spoke Rally Wheels and New Nitto Tires in SC

    Set of 4 Year One Rally wheels, center caps, and lug nuts with Nitto tires. Wheels and tires have less than 700 miles on them. Custom center caps, with 1980-81 Z-28 logo inserts, which can be removed and replaced with the stock bowtie/blue background insets from Year One. Lug pattern is 5X120.7...
  6. Bad Bee Z28

    Too big?

    Hello all Cam lovers, usually wouldn't have this question about tires and sizes, love big rubber on my 15's but I'm being gifted some 17 inch wheels at 205/40 zr/17 84w and don't even know where to start. Been using used tires just until I get her road worth it but free can't be beat. If they...
  7. C

    Good looking wheels for 70 camaro

    I’m currently in the process of restoring a 1970 camaro for my daily driver and I’m having a difficult time trying to find good looking wheels that aren’t outrageous in price. My budget is around $2,000 for a full set of wheels(no tires). My car hasn’t been mini tubbed and it’s been lowered 2”...
  8. eparr1026

    Backspace advice please? 70 Z28

    I am running 17 X 8 wheels on the front and 17 X 9 1/2 on the rear . Tire sizes are 255 40 ZR17 on front and 275 40 ZR17 on rear. What should be the correct recommended backspacing and offset for both front and rear? I really appreciate any advice. Thanks!!
  9. StevenJ24

    Thoughts on a Foose Wheels

    I am really liking the look of the Foose Legends 5 Spoke wheels. Going with 17” and may end up choosing these over cragar S/S. What’s the reputation for Foose wheels? Are they durable and worth the higher price tag? Are they more show and less go? I’m sold on the look, but need to know more...
  10. Aero79z

    Turbine Wheels and Hurst Competition Plus shifter

    Set of turbine western wheels 15x7 $450 for the set shifter was sold Located in Northeastern PA if anyone is interested in picking anything up
  11. M

    What Size Rims / Wheels for an 81 Z28 T-Top

    I Just Bought a '81' Z28 T top Standard and and going through the motions of upgrades. I just finished with the exhaust & Headers. Next up is new rims and tires. I love the Look of the Boss 338 (not an expert and open to differant rim sugestions) but dont know what size to get. I want the stance...
  12. F

    Aluminum Alloy Wheel Repair Question

    Can someone recommend a reputable company that does quality work on aluminum alloy wheels that need to be repainted and checked to make sure they are still in factory specifications?
  13. triadracer

    Trim rings

    hey everyone I brought my wheels into the powder coating shop and need to order up some trim rings. I can't find the proper ones and want to avoid ordering the wrong ones. Can someone direct me to the right post on eBay :)
  14. Dave Sweet

    Front Rims and Tires- 8" x 15" ?

    Hello everyone, new to the site. I have a 1979 and currently running 205/70/14's on Cragar SS rims up front. Put on the front spoiler and side pieces and need something to fill up the wheel well more. Can I run an 8" x 15" with 4.125 BS Cragar SS rim with a 235/60/15 BFG TA or would it be...
  15. RS runner

    Tire and wheel size opinions.

    I Have a stock 1970 RS with a new hotchkiss suspension and am putting new American Racing torque thrust 2s and Firehawk indy 500 tires. Trying to figure out the best size combo for the wheel and tire. Trying to go as big as I can in the back while staying a little smaller up front. Any ideas on...
  16. Joeblo

    4 Staggered wheels and tires 5x4.75 bolt pattern

    Great deal, dont miss out, I have 4 15 inch wheels with rear tires size 255/60 and front tires size 215/65, will fit a number of different chevy cars and trucks. These came off of a 78 Camaro. Need these gone so only asking 200!

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