1. Z

    1973 Z28 engine stop solenoid wiring

    I'm trying to diagnose why my engine stop solenoid isn't getting 12V power when the engine is running. My car does not have the TCS relay and I've jumped the solenoid with 12V and it works. I've traced the tan wire to the back of engine but it goes into another wire loom that I can't access...
  2. giggity

    1970 camaro Engine Wire Cleanup ideas

    Im looking for ideas to hide the wiring on the passenger, Im running a LOT of electrical items. Fans FITech MSD AAW upgraded wiring kit Dakota digital Vintage Air 1 Wire Alternator I could try to throw it all under the fender, but I want the connections, fuses, ect to all be accessible in...
  3. W

    ‘78 Power window help

    So the stock relays are missing, and from what I can tell, the window switches both lead to a generic 5 pin relay, but I can’t make heads or tails of the wiring (previous owner used only pink wires, and only 4 of the pins are used). Does anyone know if this is a common thing? And can anyone...
  4. M

    79 z28 Ac Delete

    I have a 79 z28 and I just removed the whole ac and heater and welded a piece of sheet metal in the big hole in the firewall. Now I’m left with a big cluster of wires am I able to remove them or what should I do with them. Thanks
  5. giggity

    looking for recommendations on wiring aftermarket

    been searching forum for ideas and examples, maybe someone can point me to a good setup. I want to clean up my engine bay and wiring in general, I will use factory wiring harness for lights, interior stuff, but everything else I want to run through a fused junction/distribution block. I want...
  6. David Muro

    Horn wiring loose

    Dear friends, my name is David, I have a Camaro RS, 1980, t-top, I have had it since 2001 and I haven't finished its restoration yet! I am not fluent in English, forgive me something spelled wrong! : \ One of the problems I have just encountered is that the wire that feeds (positive) the horn...
  7. Camaroz28722

    painless or american autowire??

    hey my camaro (1972) needs new wiring kit has anyone used painless direct fit harness? I think i want go with them or american autowire direct fit whats the differences form them im looking for a nice direct fit and the only aftermarket stuff on my car will be dash gauges and eclectic fans
  8. Shruted It

    Headlight issue

    Hey All, So interesting HL issue Im having and hoping for some help. On my '72 camaro, HL didnt work but parking lights, tail, brake lights, etc worked. After a quick look, I discovered the dimmer switch was completely broken in 2 pieces. I swapped for a new dimmer switch and the HL issue was...
  9. B

    Under dash wiring connectors issues

    Has anyone documented (other than diagrams) the pictures of the interior electrical connectors? I have a very had time reading and trying to follow electrical diagrams is almost impossible. My sons and I have been restoring a 1974 camaro that was the same car I drove in high school...
  10. R

    American Autowire 510581 wire kit

    I just pulled the trigger and bought this wire harness kit. I have an 81 but the harness is for 78-80. I put a new create motor and 5 speed tremec 600 in. I do not plan on using the computer so I figured this kit to work fine. My question is now did I make a mistake going with that kit as...
  11. T

    72 horn not working

    Relay clicks when I press the button but no noise at all from either horn. Any ideas for what to check next?
  12. 79_maro

    79 Maro, LED Turn Signal Lights Not Flashing

    I just bought LED turn signal bulbs for my 79 Camaro and for some reason they're not flashing. I did some research and found out it could be because of the turn signal flasher and that I may need a specific flasher? If someone could leave a link that'd be great. Just need some confirmation as to...
  13. 2ndGenKen

    1971 gauge cluster wiring schematic

    Anyone know where I can find a gauge cluster schematic for 1971? The closest I can find here is for 1973 but without confirmation that it's the same I may end up chasing my tail for awhile. Installing a set of AutoMeter Sport Comp II's with GPS speedo from Classic Dash so any tips about their...
  14. Printstron

    Painless wiring kit PN 10202 NIB $300+S/H

    Painless wiring kit PN 10202 I picked this kit up a few years back for a project but never used it. I just recently decided to go with an American Autowire kit instead. http://www.painlessperformance.com/webcat/10202 $300 plus shipping and its yours and out of my garage.
  15. 7.62fmj

    1981 parasitic drain

    So my battery has been discharging (yes, I read the tracing a drain sticky). Yesterday I had a little time to play with the multimeter and got the following readings: 12.35V with ignition off 14.55V idling 14.7-14.9V under throttle 13.9V idling under load (headlights only) 26.9 AC idling 12.9...
  16. D

    Upgrading to 100amp Alternator?

    Has anyone gone from the stock 10si 62amp alt to a 12si 100amp and left the stock 3-wire wiring in place? https://m.summitracing.com/parts/pwm-17294 Powermaster 17294 is on the way. I have a feeling my alt is dead (Full battery to dead in a week!). I have no stereo, no AC, normal headlights...
  17. Bowtie Performance

    Brown Exciter wire on voltage regulator

    So I'm finally starting to get to the bottom of my alternator not charging the battery. I purchased a new alternator with an internal regulator. I then made the connections to remove the voltage regulator (blue to brown and yellow to orange). Still the alternator was not charging the battery...