1. F

    1978 Z28 Emblems

    Hello, New to the Camaro world... Cleaning up some odds 'n ends on my 78 Z28 up here in Canada. Wondering if anyone has lines on where to get grill and, more specifically, rear fuel door Z28 Emblems, specifically the 1978 style. Thank you! Sebastian.
  2. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    1981 Camaro Z28 / Backfire, loss power, no start

    HELP! Got my 81 camaro z28 back and it backfired from carb, lost power multiple times on highway and now wont start. Eventually from stop to go, it would only roll with WEAK POWER foot on accelerator hard. NOw im parked, and i get one click of starter, but no start…. What would cause the...
  3. C

    1978-81 Fisher N.O.S. T-Top weatherstrips

    I'm cleaning out 40+ years of mostly Camaro stuff and some firebird stuff...mostly 1970-1981...a few small 67-69 pieces..... FOUND: 1978-81 factory Fisher t-roof N.O.S. weatherstrips ...both were in their original boxes ,but one box didn't survive (the part # 20176025) the other box (part...
  4. 1981Camaroz28Bayarea

    1981 Camaro z28

    Hello all, My name is Matthew and im in the Sf bay area. Just traded my 1966 Ford Custom for a 1981 Camaro Z28 you see in image above!! Vin code match and real z28. I’ll post some more pics & videos along with this one. Forst off, where can I find the best parts for the price online? What sites...
  5. MikeCio1

    Please help ID this intake

    I think I put this in the wrong spot yesterday. I apologize. Was there such a thing as a non EGR intake on a 1974 Z28? I have some numbers from it. 340 234 , also the date code is A 28 4. Can anyone ID this ? Thanks in advance
  6. N

    Take 2 Zs to make 1

  7. Fume

    1973 Camaro Twin Turbo LS3 with a T56 Magnum

    Hello all! Time to start a new project.... :D My current car is a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with a SBC 350 pushing 310 HP and about 320 lbs/ft paired with a M21 Close ratio muncie. The project would be a restomod. Its going to have a LS3 with about 8.0-8.5 CR and twin turbos pushing around 8psi...
  8. C

    New Member with 70 Z28 RS

    Hi All I'm pretty excited at the moment as I purchased a 70 Z28 RS in Daytona Yellow 4 speed and I hope to pick it up from the shipping company next week :) The car was built and and lived in LA and was last registered in 1986 and has been parked up since then. The carburetor and distributor are...
  9. Fume

    Transmission M21 Close Ratio 1st Gear Whine 1973 Z28 RS LT

    Here we go again, Background Info:- After years of the transmission working, it decided to get stuck in gear about a month ago. The car is stuck in 4th but the gear shifter seems to be in neutral but cant wiggle it, it can be put into reverse but only the gear shifter not the actual gears...
  10. 200mph

    Correct tach for 1972 Z28 ? ? ?

    Mods: Not sure if this belongs in "Electrical Systems", "Interior Restoration", or here. Thanks. A listing on BaT prompted this question. It's a legit-seeming '72 Z28 with a 7k tach. There is a thread on this site on Z28 tachs but it is inconclusive... Some posts: "8000 rpm tach was...
  11. Jay Basler

    New build! First pro touring car!

    Hey everyone, new to the forum, but have been using it a lot the last few weeks! Bare with me, as I’m used to FB/IG land for posting my builds. purchased this fully restored 1980 Z28, on August 19th. Car had been beautifully restored, in 2014 for the owners son (who sadly/ thankfully lost...
  12. ctopic373

    Mounting location for dakota digital controller

    Hi everyone, i finally got my new rtx gauges in for my 1980 camaro after i ordered them in early april and am starting the install. Where have you guys been installing the controller? Ive seen some people mount it on the steering column bracket, is there anywhere else anyone has installed theirs?
  13. R

    1970 steering wheel

    1970 camaro steering wheel,one year only. has a crack as shown in picture thats not visible with horn shroud on. $500
  14. F

    SMOG HELP! 1978 Camaro 350 TH350 transmission

    Hey everyone, new here to these forums. I have a 1978 Camaro with a SBC 350 rebuilt but basically stock, 4-barrel carburetor, TH350 transmission, and no exhaust besides stock GM exhuast manifolds. I live in California so smog here is super strict, I don't want to ditch my car or sell it for a...
  15. S

    1971 Camaro Z28 LS Swap

    Hello, I am thinking of doing a LS swap on a 1971 Camaro Z28 and I was wondering how I should tackle the accessory drive, Will I use the stock Power steering pump and/or A/C unit or will I need to use modern stuff, or would it be better just to paint and rebuild and bore the old 350 for...
  16. M

    1979 Camaro z28 help

    I’ve owned a 1979 camaro z28 for close to 8 years now. Got the car when I was 15. It was a barn find with 22,000 original miles. 350 with a 4 speed. Came with all original paperwork, Jack, spare. All original from factory. Amazing shape. I put a lot of time into it when I was younger, stopped...
  17. Montesnmaros

    1980-1981 z28 lower grill

    WTB, lower grill for 1980 z28…please help!!!
  18. mrfleet12

    My sister's 71 RS/Z

    This is the car that got me into the early second gens, LT1, 4 speed car in burnt orange. They bought it new in the Chicago area and it stayed here until one of my brothers bought it in I believe the late 90s and took it to Arizona. From there I hear it changed hands a few times and went through...
  19. B

    Looking for a very specific 1979 Z28

    Hi everyone, I just joined in hopes of some help finding my mom's 1979 Z28. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of information, but what I do have makes it sound fairly unique. Here are the details: 1979 Z28 Light Blue Metallic automatic rear positraction (I think that's the correct term) Sold...
  20. Fume

    1973 Camaro Z28 Acceleration problems.

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1973 Camaro Z28 RS LT with a M21 close ratio. When accelerating or even when driving (mostly accelerating) There is a lack of power between 2500-3500rpm. The car all of a sudden had problems accelerating. It feels like you are driving on a flat tire.(Tires are new and...

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