1. S

    What Engine to go with?

    I'm restoring my 1980 fully loaded Z28 350 LM1 with TH350 3 speed Auto. I'm second owner, have had it since 1989. Goal is to keep it close to original, but it doesn't have the original engine only the tranny. My attempts to find an era correct CHA block have been futile, so I'm thinking about...
  2. JOEY72camaro

    camaro stripe kit?

    I plan on getting 1972 z28 stripe stencil kit but I had one question if I have 3inch cowl hood would the stripes still be straight or would they need to be different because of the 3inch cowl hood? they all have flat hoods
  3. R

    1970-74 Z28 rear sway bar

    Doing another restoration on a Cortez Silver 1970 Z28 Camaro and want it as nice as the Classic Copper one I recently restored a few years ago. So far I have found that the customer purchased the wrong replacement rear sway bar as his car had been previously hot rodded and was missing it. I need...
  4. AvengerMedic

    1980 Z28 Complete Overhaul

    Alright so it’s my first time posting here and hopefully not the last I just wanted someplace to share my project. I bought this car with my Dad when I was 10 years old and it sat in a garage until I was 16 when I decided to get it road worthy. I rode it as it was until the wheels about fell...
  5. W

    Crankshaft 1178 Z28

    SOLD SOLD SOLD If you live in Arizona then you are lucky! That is where I am located. If you don't, shipping will depend on where you live so if you are interested let me know and I can get you a shipping quote. Shipping is not cheap in my experience...
  6. Dees73

    How many 73 Z28/RS 4 speeds produced?

    Hey everyone so about 5yrs ago I bought my 73 and did some research and found via the vin, that it was built in Ohio and it was originally a 4 speed. Does anyone know the exact number of these made? Can’t seem to locate anything online at this time. Thank you in advance.
  7. R

    Dz 302

    My 69 Z28 was lost in a fire. Haven't found a suitable car for the all correct engine. Thinking about selling.
  8. delocamaro64

    454 swap?

    Hey guys! So this summer I blew up the 350 that was in my 79 Z. I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting her back on the road by spring. Was thinking I would have the 350 rebuilt, but the engine shop offered to sell me a 454 that they have for the same as they would charge to do a...
  9. A

    1971 Camaro SS $34,900

    Up for sale is a 1971 Chevrolet Camaro SS. If you want to see more pictures here is the link to our website. https://www.apvintagemotors.com/1971-chevrolet-camaro-ss-/-z28-tribute-4-speed-statesville-nc-28677/6528782 This camaro has the rare split spoiler and is in amazing condition as...
  10. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter

    Reposting a transmission forum question here since it's resto related. Have a 72 SS396 with Muncie, trying to identify correct shift lever for the GM over-the-counter Hurst shifter, I've seen one with Hurst letters above the bend area and one with letters in the bend area as imaged below...
  11. kamaro kid

    72 SS Hurst shifter question

    Working on 72 SS 396 with Muncie. Looking at GMPD-Hurst round lever shifters (no 3rd & 4th gear stop bolts). I'm finding examples with Hurst letters stamped above the bend area and some with letters in the bend area. Does anybody know which is correct?
  12. Camaroz28722

    1972 camaro rally stripes

    looking for a place that sells 70-73 rally stripes decals looking for them in white thanks
  13. M

    1970 Z28 4 Speed

    Norwood built Z28, still has original 12 bolt (3:73 gear), factory 4 speed car, no console, factory Citrus Green with Black Stripes and black interior. Now has a high compression 383 small block, aluminum heads, 5 speed Tremec , cross drilled disk brakes, aluminum radiator etc. Great body...
  14. Blk+Orange79Z28

    Exhaust Rattle on Leaf Springs?

    Hi again everyone. Been a boring winter not much to do. Got a quick question for you maybe someone has some experience with this. I got my new exhaust system installed last summer on my 79 Z28 (factory style exhaust) and I would notice a rattling noice from the back of the car when it was in...
  15. B

    Need motivation - 10 year project - 79 Camaro Z28

    Here is my 10 year project that I have never driven! In need of some motivation, or if anyone is working on a 79 camaro, tips are appreciated! I worked on it in the beginning and it has sat for years as I finished school. At this point I need to finish it in order to sell it, but if I am going...
  16. J

    1981 Z28 T-Top 4-Speed Camaro

    150,xxx miles on engine No Rust on Body T-Tops (No leaks) 4 Speed ORIGINAL 305 engine Power Windows Matching Rims Forest Green Color (Repainted) Upgraded Radio Text Offers or for more information 1-262-391-5020
  17. B

    Selling my 1979 Z28

    Let me introduce Betty. Gosh, I hate to sell her, but the manual transmission is killing my bad knee. It hurts to driver her. Betty was born in 1979 in Norwood, OH. She had a complete restoration in 2008. She was restored to just about original condition. I have all the receipts in a file...
  18. alpinemetal

    Z28 15x8 tubines

    I have 4 of the 15x8 (no center caps), without tires. 500.00 not including shipping.
  19. N

    1973 Z28 LT 4speed project roller

    Real 1973 Z28 4speed with luxury LT option. Car came out of Colorado where it got the rust and then on to Arizona where it baked in the sun for a lot of years. Bought it and put into barn. Car includes correct Z28 wheels in nice condition, used Cali quarters and frame rail assemblies, partial...
  20. Blk+Orange79Z28

    Dakota Digital HDX

    Does anyone have the Dakota Digital HDX gauges? If so, how do they work? do you like them? how long did the install take? Looking to replace my factory gauges with these when i swap in the new engine.

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