Camaro Windshield Wiper System Information

General Description
Non-Concealed wipers were standard from 1970 - 1978. The wiper system was 2 speeds, on/low and on/high. The wiper arms are chrome and are visible on the windshield. Concealed wipers were optional. They'll have black anodized arms and when off, will park (or drop down) behind the back edge of the hood.

Concealed wipers became the standard wiper system in 1979 with delayed (or pulse) wipers being optional.

3 different motors were used. The Standard motor, which is rectangular in shape, or 2 versions of motors for concealed wiper systems. A non-pulse (off, on/low, or high speed) or A Pulse wiper (delay). The concealed motor can be identified by it having a round cylinder hanging sideways from the motor.

The non-pulse motor runs from late 73 to 1981 and has an integrated magnet switch and terminal board.

The pulse system started in 1977, and ironically is the same motor as the 1970 - early 73 motor. It uses a separate magnet switch and terminal board.

EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEEDED (WANTED) to know about wiper systems: Hidden Wiper Tech (PDF)

Wiper transmission linkage: - 2 different styles used.
Standard - uses 2 bolts per side to secure linkage to cowl. Click here to view closeup. wiper arms are chrome.

Concealed - uses 3 bolts per side to secure linkage to cowl. In addition, it has a small peg on the drivers side of the linkage to activate the articulated part of the wiper arm. Click here to view close up. Wiper arms are anodized black, with the drivers side being articulated (having 2 distinct arms).

The cowl is drilled to accept either style transmission linkage. To swap systems, you must take the whole system.

Wiper switch usage:
Year, GM part #
1970 - 71 1994097 Wiper Switch w/ concealed wipers
1970 - 71 1994098 Wiper Switch w/ standard wipers

1972 - 74 1994147 Wiper Switch. w/C24 (illuminated with a fiberoptic cable running from a guage panel bulb socket)
1972 - 74 1994148 Wiper Switch. w/ standard wipers. Click to view backside.

1975 - 76 1994177 Wiper Switch w/ standard wipers (illuminated via a bulb socket built into it)
1975 - 76 1994176 Wiper Switch w/C24 (illuminated via a bulb socket built into it)
1977 - 78 1994176 Wiper Switch (exc. Pulse) (notice overlap of this switch…. “176”)
1977 - 78 461214 Wiper Switch with Pulse
1979 - 81 14001501 Wiper Switch standard
1979 14001502 Wiper Switch with Pulse
1980 - 81 14009296 Wiper Switch with Pulse (CD4)

1972 - 1974 switch will "fit" (barely) into a NEWER (75 - 78) instrument bezel.
1975+ switch WILL NOT fit in a pre-1975 instrument bezel due to the size of the wiper switch opening.
Wiper switch opening on pre-75 is 7/8" high by 1 5/16" wide.
wiper switch opening on 75 - 78 is 11/16" high by 1 3/4" wide.
Click here to view the difference of switch openings.

Wiper switch changes completely in 1979 due to the redesigned dash.

Washer Jar & Pump
1970 jar is unique. part # is 3961557. Mounts to tab on fender.
RPO CD2 (washer fluid level monitor available)

1971 - 1974 washer jar (part # 3996244) no bracket used. Mounts directly on fender.

1975 - 1977 & 1978 (with standard wipers) (part # 346138) washer fluid jar has pump located in bottle.

1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 (concealed) (part # 461252), no pump, uses triangle shaped bracket to mount can.

Wiper System Overview

Wiper System - click to view full size
Wiper System

Wiper Motors & Parts - Exploded Diagrams

Standard wiper motor & parts list
Standard wiper motor
Parking wiper motor & parts list
Parked wiper motor

Click here to view wiring connections on concealed wiper motor/pump.

CD4 Washer Pump Assembly
Parking wiper motor & parts list
Parking wiper motor & parts list

Last updated: 10/20/2011
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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