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Discussion in 'Transmission & Driveline Topics' started by TX78Z28, Dec 11, 2007.

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    I'm trying to take apart a 12 bolt truck rear end (70's style). Unfortunately the PO evidently over tightened the bolt that secures the pin/shaft (that goes thru the spider gears), and that you have to pull out, so you can push in the axles and get to the c-clips. About 1" of the bolt comes out, leaving some remaining threads (I'm guessing) and the shaft end of it stuck inside the threaded hole. I'm not wanting to drill it out (if I can even get a drill up to it) unless there's no other way.

    So.....how do I get it apart, and the differential out of the housing?

    Thanks! :)
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    I pulled a broken bolt like that once using a left hand drill bit. The end of that bolt usually isn't very tight in the remaining threads, so a left hand drill bit can sometimes get enough bite on the broken bolt to spin it out.

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