14“ Air Filter Bottom off center


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Hello Guys,

I am searching for an 14“ Air Filter Bottom which is off center (and the Z-shaped screw).

It would be great if anybody could offer the part incl. shipping to Germany.

Or maybe You can give me a hint to a shop who is shipping to Germany.


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It is for a 79 Z28.
It has a 350 crate engine with a Edelbrock 2701 manifold and a 600 Edelbrock carb.
The „connection ring“ to the carb should have a diameter of 130mm or 5 1/8inch

I used to use 10“ x 2“ Edelbrock air filter, but I am afraid, it has to few air trespassing(?) thruflow(?)
(Sorry for my poor language.)

So I want to switch to a 14“ air filter, which I have already. But the centered bottom plate brings the filter too close to the ignition box.

Hopefully, I was able to explain my problem understandable.


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Feb 26, 2004
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Moving it forward to clear the ignition box (distributor) will make the top/front of the air cleaner closer to the hood.

But this air cleaner base is "dropped" (lower than the carb seal) so hood clearance may not be a problem.


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Thanks for the hint.
But I checked it by posting a maglite and videocamera on the inner fender and closing the hood. ;-)

But I had another idea how to get more air to the carb. I have seen some airfilter tops which also a airfilter element. But I did not find a 10“ yet.


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