1970 454 monte carlo or 1987 monte carlo

1970 or 1987

  • 1970 monte carlo

    Votes: 27 77.1%
  • 1987 monte carlo

    Votes: 8 22.9%

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Mar 23, 2014
Ocala, Florida
Helping a friend build a '70 SS 454 into a drag car. They're rare. Can't believe the owner is having this done. I remember seeing one sold on Mecum a few years ago for $87000. There is tons of room in it. I think I could put a queen size bed in the trunk, the back seat area would be the family room and the front could be a kitchen!
That back seat was MADE for the drive in. WINK...WINK...


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Feb 4, 2003
I had a '70 MC in tail end of HiSchool with a factory 300hp 350 rebuilt with a 280 comp cam and factory 041x heads. I beat a lot of cars with that like 76 mustang cobras, chevelles, Grand Prix. Lost a few too. Ran very consistent mid 15s with 273 slug gears and a posi.

Also had an '88 MC SS t-top car. 305 was a dog! Yes it rides better and handles better than the '70, but both would need aftermarket mods to improve .

'70 pros
Back seat 😉

'88 pros
Overdrive trans

Bottom line I miss the '70 way more and would take it over the '88 if both were in similar condition.


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Oct 9, 2020
does the boat also have the optional swivel seats??? just the thing for older sedentary sorts.

for many years, a local has campaigned several early "boat" monte carlos on asphalt Circle Track .. he's got more than a few trophies! Yup, they can be made to handle.

If the designers of boat monte carlo weren't inspired by 55-56 Continental Mk II ... I'll kiss their azz.
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Jun 17, 2006
A '70 MC rides like a boat IMO. Buddy of mine had a '70 SS 454 in high school and while it was a real tire burner, the '70 Chevelle was a much nicer driving car. Give me that '87 SS any day, I will put one of my 406's in it and crush most BBC's. Man that would be fun, now I just have to find a cheap one to build but not where I live, everyone thinks their rusted out car is a Barret Jackson Million dollar pile of crap these days in MN.

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