1970 Camaro Center Speaker Custom Bracket

Discussion in 'Car Audio, Electronics & Security' started by Robert M Mrozek, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Oct 4, 2016
    Thanks to this forum with all the great ideas I get to help me work on my Camaro. Just sharing with the group the solution I implemented for my front center dash speaker. When I purchased the vehicle I did not have a speaker nor bracket there. I was starting to settle on putting my LF and RF speakers in the kick panels and then I thought the center console and then I saw on this forum some ideas and decided on building my own bracket to hold two 3.5 in speakers (L & R). Attached are some pictures. I used 16 gauge stainless steel purchased from home depot. Cold formed the brackets on my vice and the welded them with MIG. Finished up with primer and paint. Used a steel tie strap to provide some upper support. So just adding another idea to the forums!
    speaker1.jpg speaker2.jpg speaker3.jpg speaker6.jpg speaker7.jpg speaker8.jpg speaker9.jpg speaker10.jpg
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    Nice job. Or you could have saved some time and used an old front speaker as your frame.

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    That looks really good. Nice to make your own stuff. I will be at that point this summer. One thing I have to do is replace the metal dash with the speaker grill in it. A previous owner bent all the little louvers and it looks like crap, no way to bend them back to normal. Any idea if the metal dash is easily removable?


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