1970 Camaro Gas Tank Date Code


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May 5, 2007
The South of N.H.
Attached are 3 photos of a 1970 Camaro fuel tank that I bought from a salvage yard in Oakham, MA, back in the 1990's. The VIN was 124870N502958.
The tank was dated "5 70" (the 5th week of 1970).

Fuel tank - 1970 Camaro dated %225  70%22 - 1 of 3.jpg Fuel tank - 1970 Camaro dated %225  70%22 - 2 of 3.jpg Fuel tank - 1970 Camaro dated %225  70%22 - 3 of 3.jpg


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Feb 16, 2000
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To Camaro Natl's Judges........(Steve, Ron, Mike, Joe, Scott)

1) Can the date be seen when your judging

2) Are you deducting points for bad dating in Legends Judging

3) How much deduction for new aftermarket

4) How are owners restoring the cosmetic look on tank when
they were originally made from galvanized steel and any other
coating will be incorrect

5) I have my original born with that was TIN Plated but I dont know
if the judges want that vs reproduction (Galvanized)

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