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Jul 12, 2021
Howdy yall. I hope Turkey Day treated you good. What are these little pockets made for on center console for a 1970 camaro. It looks like seat belt somethings. or it could be AC vents. either way What goes in there? Thanks


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May 21, 2014
Hutto, TX
Dave is correct. The 71 had two seat belt buckles. One for the lap belt and one for the shoulder belt. So basically you had four separate belts. This was before the 3-point harness in 72 which eliminated the second belt and buckle, along with the non-retractable belt for the lap. I always thought those buckle holders would be good for spare change, lol.

EDIT: I hope that makes sense. Easier if I had pics. Maybe tomorrow.
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Jul 18, 2013
i got the 3 point from Morris for my 71 which confused me because of what i had seen on here about how they were supposed to be set up. car had nothing in it when i got it. i do remember back in the late 70's when i had my last one the way you describe is the way it was set up (it was a 71). i do like the Morris set up. not sure if it would be correct for an exact restoration though. the seats i got were from 2 different cars i believe 1 had the bracket for shoulder harness the other did not. i found that out when i redid them. i actually took that off the seat (still have) the center console is aftermarket that is sold as for 71. if i still smoked i could keep a pack or 2 there lol


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