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1970 Console - I think this CAN be restored!


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May 22, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
Here we go again. Now that the dash is finished, it's time to move onto the console. This console is not in horrible shape. It's not in great shape, but not horrible. Fortunately, all of the console mounting bosses are uncracked and intact. That's a good thing. But there are issues elsewhere like:

-- The back of the console storage compartment outer edge is missing a considerable amount of material at the rear.

-- The left front shifter bezel mounting tab is busted off.

-- Someone punched a hole in the forward storage area.

-- Some "yahoo-serious" with a paint brush and a can of nice shiny gloss paint painted one side panel and the rear housing. He must have run out of paint or was happy with his "restoration" work because that's as far as he went. Thankfully.

-- The console door is S-H-O-T.

I think about covers it. My first task is going to be replacing the missing rear edge sections of the main console storage compartment. I always like to tackle the worst jobs first. I will need to figure out the best approach to this repair.

Before I go any further, I would like to give a BIG shout-out to COPO! I posted in the Original Drivetrain section asking for pictures of the areas missing on my unit, and he came through with flying colors, and F-A-S-T. Now I have my first visual of what's missing on mine, which will help me with the replacement/restoration.

Ok, here's what we're starting with:

Console 1.jpg

Console 2.jpg

Console 3.jpg

Console 4.jpg

Console 5.jpg

Console 6.jpg

Console 7.jpg

Console 8.jpg

Console 9.jpg

Console 10.jpg

Console 11.jpg

Console 12.jpg

And so it begins...
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Sep 24, 2014
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After seeing what you did with your lower dash, one would have to be insane to think you couldn't do this console. Looking forward to pics and results!


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May 22, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
Ok gang, here we go!

I decided the best way to approach this repair was to replace the missing section with one piece. This should give me the strength and rigidity needed to support accidental slamming of the door, elbows, or the weight of leaning on the console without the repair breaking.

After some careful consideration, I concluded that whatever I chose to use had to be thin, so that once the console was put together, the console door would not be raised above the adjoining surfaces. Thin aluminum would work best for the repair. And what better source for thin, strong aluminum that an old license plate. (These old plates have saved my bacon more than once).

Next I needed to decide how I wanted to attach the repair piece. I just didn't feel confident enough that epoxies, glues, etc. would give me the strength needed for the repaired area. But 1/8" rivets through attaching tabs sure would. Epoxy or glue will fine work for the overlap sections.

Next I went about creating a template from paper, then tested the template for fitment. Once I was happy with the fit, I transferred the template to the aluminum, and began cutting.

Thanks to the pictures that COPO supplied of his console showing me exactly what I needed to replicate, I was able to make a repair piece that came out pretty close to the original design.

Today I will do some further tweaking and refining, but here is where I'm at now:

Console 14.jpg

Console 15.jpg

Console 16.jpg

Console 17.jpg

Console 18.jpg

Console 19.jpg

Console 20.jpg

Console 21.jpg

Console 22.jpg

Console 23.jpg


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Aug 1, 1999
A couple months ago I had a project, needed some filler beyond bondo. Found some actual Bondo epoxy that's pretty much JB Weld in a pint can with a liquid hardener. Be perfect for that console filler. Kind of expensive but useful for a lot of stuff that I've found.

But the OP sure seems to know what he'd doing so I'm watching this thread pretty close, have some projects on the 70 similar to this.


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Oct 3, 1999
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Fixed mine with JB Weld but I just had cracks around the mounting holes. Nothing near this extensive. Put a new lens in the ashtray housing as the original was typically yellow from the bulb. I did change the bulb to an LED to prevent the heat from burning it. Same thing with the dome light.

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