1970 Lower Dash - Think this can this be restored?


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May 22, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
Sunday Night's progress (Radio hole backs):

Lower Dash 17.jpg

Lower Dash 18.jpg

Lower Dash 19.jpg

Lower Dash 20.jpg

I'll be doing some grinding, sanding, and shaping later today. This is when we'll be able to actually see the progress of all the previous steps. I believe this is going to work out as planned.
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Aug 1, 1999
I'll be checking on that hole repair too. I have a couple in my lower dash, seemed like a good idea at the time.


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Sep 15, 1999
The Moon
Congrats. That looks stronger than it ever was.o_O I would have done the same, fix the original!

For that hole, I would use bondo b/c then you‘ll be able to make the pattern with a sharp tool.


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May 22, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
Thanks for the comments, guys, much appreciated!

Ok, I actually got started on today's escapades of the hole repair last night. This was another step I gave some careful thought to, because replicating the grain was important in getting the repair right.

I decided the ONLY way to get this right, would be to make a plug with the same grain on it to fill the void.

This meant I would now have to replicate the grain. By that I mean, I would need to make a mold of the grain with fiberglass resin, (a negative) and would use that to make an exact copy (a replica, or positive if you will) of the grain pattern.

I made a mold on the opposing side of the radio, as can be seen in the pics below. After the negative cured for a couple of hours, I used that to make the actual replica piece. The replica I allowed to cure overnight.

Side Bar: The plug idea I took from my woodworking hobby. Whenever I use fasteners to attach two pieces where the fastener hole may be visible, (for example, joining two kitchen cabinets together) I make a plug out of the same material I'm joining to make the fastening point virtually invisible. I figured, in theory, the same should work here.

Lower Dash 29.jpg

Lower Dash 30.jpg

Lower Dash 31.jpg

Lower Dash 32.jpg

Lower Dash 33.jpg

Tuesday's work:

I measured the hole, and it was just under 1/2". PERFECT for what I was wanting to try as I have a 1/2" bit and plug cutter. So I bored the hole in the dash to 1/2" and cut a wood plug as a test piece to check fitment. The wood plug fit tight, so I moved forward with making the fiberglass resin plug.

I cut a couple of plugs, and of the two, I picked the best matching to work with. Either would have worked, but I gave myself a choice, which allowed me to be picky.

I set the plug in place with a little fresh resin to bond it in and fill any voids around the pug. After it set up for a few hours, I did a little light sanding and removed any flashing around the plug with a pick, to make it blend as best I could with the surrounding grain.

When I was happy it looked ok, I shot it with a little black interior dye to see what the end result would look like. I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. It sure beats that unsightly hole!

Lower Dash 33a.jpg

Lower Dash 34.jpg

Lower Dash 35.jpg

Lower Dash 37.jpg

Lower Dash 38.jpg
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