1970 Rally Rim Paint DDL-32961

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    Just my 2 cents - I have a half pint of the ddl32961 paint but I don't use it because I found a good match. Rustoleum stainless steel, check it out. Put it over a base layer of their Textured paint. The rim in these pics is shot with the ddl32961, the metal spray chip is Rustoleim 20211013_202525.jpg 20211013_203540.jpg 20211013_203551.jpg 20211013_203628.jpg 20211013_203637.jpg
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    IMG_1311.JPG I've also used the Rustoleum Stainless Steel, here it is on a rally wheel. You can get a "suede" finish by spraying the final coat from a distance of 18" or so, and fogging it on.
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    The 32961 paint is unique. In addition to the suede additive, it also has a pebble additive. Some of the aftermarket paints can do a decent job of simulating the suede finish, but none of them I've seen can copy the pebble finish that Chevy used.
    This is a wheel repainted with Ditzler 32961 paint. The picture doesn't show it well, but the finish is much like sandpaper with the "pebbles" added.
    This laquer paint is no longer available, but it should be fairly easy to duplicate if a paint man wanted. This is the formula for the original paint. Most of the ingredients are still available through Dizler and seem to cross over for use in other kinds of paint like enamel or urethane. A good paint man could likely put together a good match without using laquer.
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