1970 rs z28

Jethro 70

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May 21, 2022
I’m jethro I have a 1970 all numbers matching car I’m trying to get it stripped and painted I have called several people to do the job no one calls me back also the original motor I just had rubuilt wondering what people think on sticking a ls3 crate motor I like to hammer on the throttle I have a a 4 speed car


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Jul 20, 2014
grand prairie tx.
Welcome to the group. Looks like a pretty clean car. Me I like to keep things original especially the first of the 2ND gen Camaros. They were very special cars in my opinion. You can still hammer the throttle on that car and they will definitely smoke the tires. But as others on the forum will tell you is to build it just the way you want.

Jethro 70

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May 21, 2022
I agree I have a 72 Malibu I turned in to a 71 ss built it in high school I just launched the 383 the car is real clean I’m having a hard time finding a body paint guy all the great guy’s I knew over the years are dead they all never used masks with laquer paint


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Aug 1, 1999
I'd get the car streetable - if it's not, look up some body shops in the area and take the car to the shops and talk to the guys. Phone calls are probably not the best way to get any interest in a repaint. Might at least get some leads on who still does this work. Most places these days want to bolt on some parts, spray some paint, cash a big insurance check. Local guy that has painted four of our machines got into towing and storage, makes more money doing that than painting. $35 a day per car for doing nothing. I'd have to buy him a lot of beer to get a repaint these days.