1971 402 Vs. 1972 402

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by diablonut59, Aug 5, 2018.

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    People who build clones most people don`t have an issue with .Its when you build a "clone" and tried to make it out as the real thing .Is when people get really upset and may have some legal issues as well.
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    Ok, I get it. It does increase the likelihood that the car will be misrepresented in the future, but when that happens, you can’t indict a prior owner that was honest about it.

    It all comes down to perspective. If you’re all about the numbers match rare cars- especially if you own one- you’re gonna be protective of your brand. If you haven’t owned the car for 30 years, you’re going to have some significant $$ invested in that unique brand.

    But are clones impacting the values of the real cars- the cars that have documented histories that are ‘certified’ by people that know better? I just don’t buy it. I don’t fault the guy for building a clone and wanting a cast correct engine. It’s his personal property, and if he’s going to build an engine, the period correct casting is a better component. It still makes the car more authentic.

    My first Camaro was a clone. I had it painted a deep corvette yellow, so it got a lot of attention. People would leave notes under the wiper explaining it was a fake. No kidding... It had a fiberglass L88 hood for goodness sakes! I didn’t give a damn. I suspect it was vandalized once for the same reason. It was hard to laugh it off after that. I still deal deal with that. I have documentation and history out the wazoo for my car, yet somedody implied that a small fraction of it was fake.

    So that explains my perspective. The people that misrepresent the cars deserve to be shamed, period. A guy that defends a fake? Well as they say a sucker is born every day. That’s the value of the community here. This is where the truth can be discovered.
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    I doñ't fault the OP for making a clone . Its his car to do as he pleases. I once helped out a corvette restoration shop. They , did not fake cars and sell them. But, they would do anything a person wanted , make any car from scratch , build a dream car mid year 63-67 you wanted . You supply the money . Some cars were legit . Many were shells with little to prove they were BB cars. I mean i saw hulks with everything but two doors and frame . Maybe the tach , the Electronic Ig box , maybe a a M22 . springs , bits and piece that might lead you to believe it was once a BB midyear. After they were finished , every chalk mark , nothing was left un turned , they would buy stamped blocks , what ever the owner wanted. most cars that were yellow , white , green became black and red or blue . They replaced most all the interiors with none original colors . Now ....this has been 25 years ago , i bet most of these guys are dead now ....the families sold the corvettes . The question is werevthey sold as originals I bet so. I remember one old man like 85 bought a total restored 65 FI coupe . The block might have been original , but it was restamped . He paid like 125,000.00 He has to be dead , i wonder who,has thta car . Black with Siver leather 375HP . There was no proof itbwas ever this car from the fcatory. I saw manybe 100 midyear corvettes BUILT to customers specs before they closed retired. One dude in PA had them built 5 65 396 Corvettes . Not sure if any had original blocks . But all left with restamped blocks . I would not trust any midyear corvette or 69 Z28 with out loads of pics and papers to verify . In the the 70's these cars mostly had NO engines sitting behind garages , much less numbers matching blocks. I looked for my late BB corvette for like 18 years and 99% had the wrong engines , factory warrenty , or machined numbers off block. The family members that inherit these cars , don't know the he story or it gets changed over decades. All hey know is their father or uncle was a fanatic and it MUST be correct . If having the original block means something to you , stay away from corvettes.

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