1971 Z28 on Rotisserie - floors questions

Discussion in 'Body Restoration' started by reaboy, Apr 21, 2020.

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    Finally finished my rotisserie and mounted my 71 Z28. It was evidently hit in the rear in the 70s and was back halved with a car from a different year.

    1. Can anyone tell me when the rear seat pan drain plug area switched from oval to round? camaro rotisserie cleaning.jpg

    You can see the screws in the 1st pic just forward of the rear seat drain holes. This lap joint is about 4" of over lap as the seam weld inside the car just aft of the front seat rear bolts. Not sure how much I am going to replace at this point. I think I need to sandblast first and see what remains. The torque boxes need replacement and the front toe kick and there is an area near the crappy seam joint that is rusted through also. The rockers on this car were butt welded at the area where the sheet metal screws seam on the floor is. I assume I will have to do both inner and outer rockers.

    2. Another date approximation needed. When did they go to twin 6x9 speaker holes in the rear pkg tray? You can see the back half car paint color in this pic. It is a green/gold of some sort if that helps date it.
    camaro rear pkg.jpg

    The 1/4s and rear tailight panel were put on in the 80s (NOS) and are rust free so will be removed very carefully. The outer wheel houses and trunk drops are assumed to need replacement.

    3. If i choose to keep as much of the solid floors and trunk floor as I can, is there a good way to clean the insides of the floor bracing and the insides of the rear frame rails, or would it be best to remove the complete floor (replace with 2 1/2s or complete?) and trunk floor to get at the insides of the braces and rear rails?

    Other Pics:
    Toe kick area near Z28 floor mount accelerator pedal bracket
    camaro toe kick.jpg

    Middle son starting the heat gun putty knife detention sentence for the day
    camaro rotisserie Grant.jpg

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    Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Fun stuff. Nice job on the rotisserie.

    All 2nd gens had two speaker cutouts on the package tray. The 1970 package try was different than the 71-73's in that the defroster hole was a long rectangle.

    Cleaning the inside of the rear rails is a pain. I took a long, 1/4" plastic air hose tubing and cut the end on an angle and then hooked it up to an air gun, put it inside and let it flail around to beat against the inside of the rail to loosen any dirt. Then took another piece and blew it all out with a vacuum at one end to pull it out. Did this a couple of times and they cleaned up pretty well. It looks like by your photo that you will be cutting some out the rails anyway, so you may want to cut them out first. My guess is once you get into them you will be replacing them. I bought one of those video scopes that you can connect to your phone to snake in and look inside the rails and rockers. Well worth the 25 dollars from amazon.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7cxtg9wy1cjdm4m/Inside Frame rail.mp4?dl=0

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