1972 camaro door panels on 1970/1971?


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Mar 4, 2023
I’m thinking about putting the 72 door panels with map pockets on my 71 because the door panels need restoring anyway. Will there be any modifications needed to do that? Is it even worth it? Are the map pockets that useful? Is the inner door handle (with the reproduction plastic insert handles that I’ll try to attach) on the 72’s any good as far as grip or are the 70/71’s easier to use(when closing the door from the inside)?


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
They should be exactly the same. I haven't found any use for the map pockets other than a place to collect dirt/dust. I'm done with the early style and am installing 1978-81 1 piece door panels with 69 Mustang arm rests/pulls, which of course are smooth and seamless. Now those fasteners are not all in the same place and it has taken re-drilling holes for the plastic receptacles in the door skin, re-drilling bottom of panel holes and opting to use one metal fastener on the bottom in place of the plastic "Christmas tree" fasteners. Along with figuring out where to anchor the Mustang door pulls, it has become quite the project. But I really like the look of the 1 piece panels. And a lot easier to do a door speaker vs the 3 piece ones if you go that route. When I restored my car 10 years ago, I found the PUI brand center sections (the vinyl covered portion) some of those fasteners holes on my new panel had to be elongated to fit properly.

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