1978 Z28 Engine Code


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Feb 9, 2008
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CHS, M/T, 1978 Z/28
CHS 3-2020.jpg


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Feb 26, 2004
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Seems to be quite a few of these which correspond to your car.

Good job on the research! :D

Besides the code…
What is actually different between the auto and manual engines.


Apr 14, 2020
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Maybe I can help you...I have a numbers matching 78 Z/28 and the code on my engine is V0503CHS (build date for my car was 0603). I have the original Borg-Warner Super T10 4-speed...there should be a tab on the transmission (maybe the top I think) which should have a portion of your VIN number stamped on it. It should match your cowl VIN number as far as the last 6 digits go. Yes the CHS code looks like it is for an automatic trans but mine is a 4-speed with matching cowl VIN sequence # on it. I have found documentation on this site saying that some 4-speed cars got the CHS code engine.

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