1979 Camaro roller solid body


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Jul 8, 2001
1979 camaro base coupe. Solid roller. No rot in floors, no rot in quarters, couple of minor dings. Minor surface rust here and there. Original paint. No surprises. Perfect base for a race car or to switch over the parts from your rotted car. It is not a drop in a drivetrain and go, but it will save you a fortune in a bodywork if you want to build a perfect car. No dash, trunk lid,interior, engine or tranny. Sand it down and paint it. It has new upper control arm bushings and ball joints. Subframe and core support is sanded and painted. I will include rear spoiler, some misc interior parts, taillights,master cylinder and booster. I have a set of 14" N90 wheels that will come with the car instead of the ralleys. Tires are junk. $1500 or trade for Nova roller or maybe big block stuff. I already have a 79 camaro, I don't want to build two. Clean title.


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