1979 Clear Windshield Replacement


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Apr 3, 2010
There might have been a "clear" untinted/unshaded windshield which came with the bare, base model car w/o factory a/c. Finding one might be difficult as the tinted/shaded windshields would be much easily sold by any new glass vendor. Just normal business orientations. Getting one built for you might also be cost-prohibitive and take months to get.

Perhaps finding a used one from a salvage operation where more non-a/c cars were sold might be an option? As in near the Canadian border, or in Canada itself.c

In the world of windshields, the "tinted" versions have a uniform level of light tint for teh whole glass windshield, just as a side window might. A "shaded" version would be the same level of tint for the entire windshield and then ADD the darker "shaded" area at the top, to help block the noon-time sun better. By observation, some OEM glasses only came "tinted, w/o shade", but not most cars (incl. Camaros).

All of the OEM tints were blue-ish rather than green-ish, from what I've seen.


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Apr 14, 1999
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Where have you looked for new glass? I would try your local auto glass shops. If a clear glass exists, they might have it on hand or be able to get one in a day or two.


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Oct 10, 2009
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I checked Safelight, and a couple numbers they gave me, plus a place local who said they quit making clear in the 70’s.

I just gathered up all of my trim, I need the clips, is that different from year to year or front to rear window?


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May 22, 2002
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Its not the shaded area the OP is concerned about, its the rest of the shield.....
Tinted glass has the blue shade band at the top. Clear does not. There were never any clear (untinted) windshields made with the blue shade band. So you have one of two choices, Clear or Tinted.

When I inquired about pricing on replacement glass for my '70, my local glass supplier asked me if I wanted clear or tinted for my replacement windshield and side glass. So apparently they can get both.

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