1980 trans/am 2000.00


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Jan 30, 2014
not a driver needs assembly.all there mostly brand new or rebuilt all brand new and installed.motor and tranny complete and together .car in Weymouth Massachusetts 781-337-1305 I gave up. new silver paint. car has cragers for wheels. and no dents.some new trans am stickers installed must see nice looking. radiater support just replaced with new one. motor still in car!well worth restoring not a parts car I have too many projects!car in very good shape looks mint.my loss!i am on the other side of boston towards cape cod.easy too find.car is silver with new interior installed completely all year one parts. headliner. door panels.seatcovers all carmine red and installed!new subframe included(too much work for me)you install subframe too complete.i have too many projects 35 year as mechanic sick of it.most other work complete .you finish. I have over 5k invested in new parts on this car my loss have all receipts!2000.00 dollars firm.pictures taken 4weeks ago! you cannot see the front of car in these pictures but it is mint.hoodscoop assembly all there!


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