1981 Camaro 5.3 EFI LS z28 Clone/Tribute

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    I have decided I want to sell my 81, many of you watched me restore this beast from 2013 until 2018 when I got out of the habit of updating. see thread here: http://nastyz28.com/threads/my-81-camaro-from-indiana.261458/

    2003 5.3 V8 with the factory PCM and harness
    Drive-by-wire throttle
    LS6 Intake w/fuel rail
    4L60E trans
    '91 Mustang aluminum driveshaft
    10 Bolt Posi 3.42:1 rebuilt
    z28 Springs front and rear
    new shocks
    front and rear '81 sway bars
    Right Stuff rear disc brake, w/Wilwood adjustable Prop valve
    295x50 r15 Rear tires on 15x10 Vision wheels NEW 500 miles
    235x60 r15 front tires on 15x8 Vision wheels 500 miles
    P/S Steering gear box from 95 Jeep Cherokee (tighter ratio, same splines and bolts)
    All stainless exhaust, shorty headers, with high flow Cats with X pipe and Magnaflow mufflers and full tailpipes.
    Griffin "LS swap" radiator with Derale Dual fans (Spal Fans) run via the computer
    Fuel tank is the original but modified to accept 2001/2 Camaro/Vette Fuel pump with the built in regulator, so no need for a return line. Also has new 2002 Camaro fuel filter, and all braided fuel line/AN fittings from pump to rail.
    Digitails rear taillight w/ sequential turn signals/hazards/brake lights

    Sheetmetal replaced:
    Trunk Floor, tail panel, cross rail, braces in trunk from floor to tail panel, lower drivers 1/4 and part of upper rear. lower front and part of rear on pass side.

    Door skins replaced
    portions of fenders repaired near bottom.

    2 large sections in floors, part of ebrake section, and lower right portion of the firewall, areas behind the door buttons.

    portions of the cowl behind the windshield in the corners.

    rear seat belt mounts rebuilt/welded

    z28 hood repaired gash with fresh metal

    Honestly it could have been better. its a 15 foot car but will need a body touch up and respray

    Reupholstered seats front with bottom and back heating elements added (heated seats you call them) rear seat is reupholstered as well
    New door panels, and all plastic and steel paneling inside car was cleaned, prepped and shot SEM Landau Black and semi gloss cleared. all plastic panels were originally black as well.
    Console is a little rough
    Shifter has been converted to shift into, and show the OD feature of the 4L60 with the Shiftworks kit. looks and acts stock
    Dash has a cap, and gauges are digital and from Intellitronix. I'm not happy with the Tachometer, it reads double. the other gauges work good. This was a create-a-dash kit that I built to fit stock. it does that well.
    Pioneer head unit, rear 6x9s and front 3 or 4" speakers mounted together in the center of the dash.
    extra switches on dash available for whatever you wish, Halo lights, etc.
    Added Gentex rear view mirror and kit to display outside temp, and has the compass.
    Custom stainless door sills that have light capability.
    Check engine light wired to original 1981 indicator on dash.
    OBDII port mounted under dash easy to access
    Fuse block for PCM mounted conveniently underdash near OBDII ports

    Engine harness and PCM flash was done by Andy Bryant from LSX Specialties who is out of Oregon, stand up guy and does a lot of these. I have run this car since August and it didn't take long to get it going good. always starts, and runs strong each time. car is not loud, but you hear it at throttle. idle is quiet and mellow.

    trans shifts great, car will get loose really quick and even on a roll it will spin tires strong. I refrain from doing that very much though.

    car has some poly bushings in the back (sway bar)so it sounds a little creaky at times. Pipes are nice and tight to the underside of car and don't move around.(all banded, not welded)

    Problems and issues to address:

    I mentioned the paint, another few things in the A/C-blower are not in the car, I have the boxes and new blower and they are restored. you will need all the A/C stuff if you want it and the wiring for it is in the car but tied off, this includes heater. It does have a new heater

    Needs new wiper motor. I have wiper arms off and they will need blades.

    turn signals do not work on the relay. I think its a ground issue, will work with front light harness disconnected. but you plug that in and I can't figure it out. the signal does come on, just not flash, which I have been doing myself as I have driven it. Thats annoying.

    drivers side window crank. Might be the splines, or these newer cranks..but it slips, and hard to roll down. Pass side works great if not a little snug.

    Air Induction Flaps do not work, they will work if you jump the cylinder, but I think the switch is bad, which I did mount to the Drive-by-wire pedal, and it functions correct. Just no juice.

    Cruise control is present, but just needs a few buttons wired for it to work. thats all.

    Only driving issues I have had is the right downstream O2 acted up once, and i went into limp mode and it was fixed easily, a wire got to close to the header. No problems since.

    Reason I'm selling is I'm pursuing a new career and also would like to return to my Mopars of old.

    Price: $13,500

    You can call/text me 502-727-five-two-eight-one, or email me challyrally@hotmail.com for some new pics.

    Located in Sellersburg Indiana, near Interstate 65.

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